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#star travel # Rreth nesh është kompani e licensur në fushën e transportit ndërkombëtar të udhëtarëve. STAR TRAVEL operon në qytetet kryesore SHQIPERI –GREQI në akset: Tiranë-Athinë dhe Tiranë –Selanik-Kavalla-Ksanthi Zyra qëndrore e kompanisë është vendosur në BILISHT dhe ka një rrjet të organizuar agjensish në të gjitha qytetet kryesore në SHQIPERI dhe GREQI të […]

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#sri lanka travel # What you should expect on arrival? Sri Lanka has only one International Airport, the Bandaranaike International Airport in Katunayake (30km north of Colombo). If you are lucky enough to land while the sun is still out, you will notice Sri Lanka’s rich green foliage the moment you begin descent. Remember to […]

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#sti travel # STI Travel Inc. STI Travel Inc. is a worldwide travel management company owned and managed by local entrepreneurs. Our global organization main goal is to deliver a stress free travel experience, In a complex world of business travel management, corporations need a partner with a keen understanding of today s rapidly evolving […]

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#travel airfare # Airfare Where to Purchase Travel can be booked however you deem fit, through a travel agency, directly with an airline, or an online agency of your choice. Effective 06/07/12 Airfare no longer must be purchased through a contract travel agency or directly with the airline. The contract is available for use as […]

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#travel airfare # Usage Requirements Preferred Carriers Authorized State travelers will be required to use the State s Preferred Carriers, unless one of the following exceptions exists: Space or flight schedules are not available to accomplish the purpose of the travel, or use of available contract service would require the traveler to incur unnecessary costs […]

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#student travel # Student Travel Support GSLIS provides a limited amount of travel funding each semester to support GSLIS graduate students who are actively participating in a conference. Any graduate student who is delivering a paper or poster at a meeting of a professional organization may apply for travel assistance. Travel funds are budgeted in […]

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#student travel services # Student Travel FAQs Are students required to participate in the new travel program policy effective May 20, 2013? Yes, individual students traveling on university business that is not a group or study abroad program, or is not scholarship sponsored, are required to make their travel arrangements via the UT Austin Concur […]