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105 Vacation Tour & Travel Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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I paid my hundred bucks in fees to register. I gave them my three dates of chosen time and when it came down to it they couldn’t do any of my time and they gave me during the week. Not the weekend dates that I gave them and after 10 minutes on the phone waiting for them to tell me the only days they can book was during the week at a Howard Johnson. Cheap scam. Will never agree to anything with this company again or any company that offers gocrv vacations.

If you get one of these “free gift” presentations in the mail throw it in the trash. Despite my intuition and natural resistance to dispose of this junk, I listened to my wife just to go to the presentation. The advertisement is for free 2 night stay, a $50 gift card, then $150 spending toward trip. Well, once you sit through the presentation which wasn’t too bad, you get your “voucher” to redeem your “free” hotel. not free, we ended up paying a $50 deposit, plus an additional $64 for “fees” for a hotel that we could have gotten for $40 per night. The $50 gift card is redeemable between a 17 day window that you have to claim roughly a month out from vacation.

The delivery timeframe for the gift card is 7-10 days. we are going on 13 days with no gift card yet. The $150 spending money is a reimbursement, and must be spent DURING the trip and you are only allowed to submit TWO receipts. So I have to spend a large amount of money on two separate transactions then hope to get my reimbursement within a 6 week period. yeah right, not counting on that if I haven’t even received $50 gift card which is basically a REIMBURSEMENT for my own money spent. Biggest waste of time and money I have thrown a way in a while! Don’t do it.

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I was invited to attend a presentation in which they try selling you a very expensive timeshare. Note: they say it’s not a timeshare, it is!! Then they offer you “free gifts” for attending regardless whether you buy in or not. The “gift” are not free. It is a scam. I had to pay a deposit of $89 refundable. Note: it’s refundable ONLY IF YOU DON’T USE IT. Scam on steroids. Then they charge “taxes, booking fees, etc” the representative was “unable to give me the breakdown” of all the fees.

My family enjoys traveling with Vacation Tour & Travel deals! If you want terrific customer service and a vacation to make all your other vacations jealous; you should use Vacation Tour & Travel! I promise you won’t regret it.

If you have a “free” vacation certificate fr Go CRV please throw it in the trash and save yourself the headache. We got a certificate from attending a timeshare presentation. We paid them a $100 deposit to reserve our “free” vacation. Once we started the reservation process we quickly figured out that it was far from free plus having to obey their restrictions made it not worth it to travel through them. I requested a refund, jumped through their hoops (which required several phone calls and sitting on hold for considerable amounts of time and printing and mailing a signed paper to them), and 9 weeks later, I’m still waiting for that refund we paid them 7 months ago. I will know in the future to google any company before I send them money.

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I filled out a ‘raffle’ form at the Sussex County Fair to win a free trip for two. I received a call stating I had won the free* trip for two (*pay taxes and resort fees only). However, the trip ‘voucher’ had to be picked up in person. It was required my partner and I to sit through a one hour description of the trip. When I asked, I was assured this was NOT a timeshare hard sell and I would received a free Amazon Fire for my time. A reservation was required for the description. We sat through the above on 09/21/2017. Reported we had no intention of signing up for their ‘Sundance Vacation Club’ at any price as it did not meet our travel needs.

We received the Amazon Fire (a kind of advertisement machine it seems) and a ‘Voucher’ stating we had sixty days to register by e-mail or mail. And one year to travel. I sent in the form via certified mail on 09/25/2017. It arrived on 09/30/2017 and was picked up by Sundance on 10/03/2017 at 10:02 AM. On 10/16/2017 I telephoned customer service and reported I had received no mailed response. The person answering reported that the paperwork had been sent to my home address on 10/15/2017 (Sunday), and then asked me if I wanted to pay my fully refundable ‘reservation deposit’ of $198 ($99 per person) and Reservation Deposit of $50 (towards travel fees and taxes of approximately $16 per night per person) via phone right now. I responded I would wait for my written confirmation that my registration arrived n the mail before paying what ever amount might be required.

On 10/23/2017, I called customer service at 09:23 AM and they informed me that actually my registration was prepared on 10/15/2017 and It was actually sent to my home addressed today 10/23/2017. The person further stated I could pay online anytime. I again stated I would wait for the mail to arrive at my home. All in all, though it is not ‘Free’ $249 for two nights in Las Vegas with airfare does not seem like such a bad deal. The failure to mail my reservation deposit invoice within 20 days of receiving the voucher/coupon and the fogging of that failure by the phone personnel is inexcusable. I am beginning to suspect Sundance Vacations might be engaging in DECEPTIVE PRACTICES if not outright FRAUD!

This company is a complete rip-off and I can tell by all the reviews of what they haven’t done. I have been trying to book my so-called free cruise for three weeks now and everytime I call I get the runaround. It states you have to book with a minimum of 90 days out. I’m trying to book in July of 2018 to give them plenty of time. But they tell me I must book within 90 days. At that time there will be nothing available. But the kicker is they want me to book now at their upgraded rate. This is a complete scam and rip-off. They only want to take care of themselves and upcharge you for everything. There’s nothing called a freak Cruise even paying double what you should for taxes and Port charges. Just like so many other I have read I’m going to throw my certificate away and not even waste my time. Please if this helps anyone stay away from this company. It’s not worth your time or aggravation.

I was approached by Sundance Vacations at a Lady Gaga concert to enter to win a free trip, which of course I won (everyone who entered got the same call). I was pretty sure that this was a scam, and this was confirmed after they told me we would need to sit through a presentation to pick up our certificate. I was curious and dragged my poor husband an hour away to sit through what was basically a sales presentation, then a phased, high pressured vacation timeshare sales pitch. We walked out 2 hours later with only our certificate; we did not purchase a vacation plan. During that time, I did the following: asked for and reviewed a copy of their standard contract – I was shocked that I was the only one in the room that was doing this, so buyers please beware, reviewed the locations available to travel if I were to buy into the plan, then viewed the actual accommodations in the cities I would most travel.

They offer computers in the room to do this research. Again there were only a couple of us who did this. My findings were that most, if not all, of the accommodations were either nowhere near a popular attraction (i.e. beach, park, etc.). They were also, in my opinion, low end or older condos and hotel rooms which is not what we are used to when we travel. Today I thought I would look into registering my certificate online. I researched reviews from other “winners”, and lo and behold, SCAM, SCAM, SCAM. I’m throwing out my certificate and will walk away a bit wiser. I hope this post inspires people to research the company, other reviews, etc. before buying into anything like Sundance Vacation.

I was approached about a free cruise if you go to their timeshare presentation. I went and then booked my cruise. I was told I had to pay fees which equated to about 400 bucks. Then when I got on the cruise, less than 24 hours someone was badly injured and we could not go to our destination. I was told to call to rebook or get my money back.

I did and Vacation Travel was very rude and told me I couldn’t get my money back but had to pay for the “free” cruise. Also they said that I had to book another cruise that I would have to pay for within a week or they would not apply my money that I already paid to this new cruise. This is so disappointing and they need to be held accountable for stealing and ripping people off.

$677 in fees for a free trip. One was a service fee to extend the return flight so that we could stay 4 days longer, we had our own lodging for 4 nights. I do not recall a fee for that being mentioned in our phone conversation, it seemed to show up on our email confirmation. This was not from the airline either. I was told that the 2 night hotel would not a luxurious resort but a regular hotel, which was also fine with us. I had researched the hotel online and found a courtyard with a pool and potted flowers around it. It was a Motel 8, which appeared clean on the website and within city limits. Reality was it was in an industrial area and quite far from the tourist area of the city, a good 30 to 45 minutes by cab to get into the interesting part of town.

One part of the fees was explained that I wanted convenient times to fly. Not true. Both flights had stopovers and we needed to make connections. This is not the way we prefer to travel. This took up valuable time we could have spent doing what we went there for. They were not convenient times for us either. We prefer early mornings. I called back to dispute the fees and when I told them this about the flights and denied ever being asked about time etc. I was given a partial refund. All in all our free vacation cost about $300 and a lot of aggravation.

We signed up for the “free” 2 night stay with a 4 day cruise that cost us about $300.00 which sounded like a good deal at the time. We stayed in their hotel and listened to their stupid timeshare spill, but when it came time for the cruise all the sudden we were disqualified? Customer service people were no help whatsoever, and extremely rude! I think it was all just a ploy to get you to invest in their timeshare scam. DON’T FALL FOR IT LIKE I DID.

For starters we could only book our resort vacation 60 days in advance. Needless to say slim pickings, we will need to change rooms to get a complete week. Not the end of the world. Once booked it took a week for a confirmation email with a booking #. Then to forward the booking # to gocrv for my 2 for 1 flight coupon, only to be promised it would take 2 weeks to receive my certificate. After 2 weeks I call again. Another promise it will be 2 weeks. My vacation starts in 3 weeks. No flights are available. I will have to travel to another city to catch a flight and pay full price! This is a complete rip off. Do not waste your time.

I have a certificate for a 3, 4, or 5-day cruise aboard Carnival Cruise Lines. I understand that the certificate entitles me and a guest to entry level 1A cabin accommodations. These accommodations for two aboard Carnival Sunshine are offered for $1455.40 for the cruise I chose at Carnival. It was suggested and I agreed to upgrade to better accommodations (Balcony), which Carnival offers for $2165.40, a difference of $710.00. I was charged $1799.00 for the upgrade, and when I asked how why it cost over $1000.00 over the price difference, I received an email from my cruise coordinator to another VTT representative, (quite by accident I believe) where she stated that she’d actually SAVED me $366 and posed the question “What’s wrong with “these” people?”

I have demanded an explanation of the price difference, an adjustment to the price of my cruise, as well as an apology for the “THESE PEOPLE” reference. Not only do I feel like I’ve been ripped off, but that I’ve been unduly insulted for simply inquiring about what I see as a major difference in price for me to upgrade what was supposed to be “free” vacation cruise accommodations with an implied value or $1455.40, to accommodations that sell for $2165.40. My 3rd-grade arithmetic tells me the difference is $710.00, but then I guess you had to attend 3rd grade.

I “Won” a free vacation. after I had to go to one of those corny timeshare like sales pitches. That company was Sundance, which seems like it could work for the right people looking to buy bulk vacations. Not me, I just wanted the free Vacay, but I only needed to pay the $198 in taxes. I had to pick 3 dates and then a few months before those dates I would have to call. I called up to confirm the dates to the Virgin Islands. First off, I was going to need to pay an additional $175 in taxes and only one of those dates would work, however I had to leave at 6:00am on a flight from Baltimore (and I live in Philadelphia). Then they said that they don’t do flights from Philly except for Cancun. I then stopped it and asked for my $198 back. I wasted only $8 in fees but I feel like I wasted my time more than anything.

Stay away from GOCRV. I bought a vacation coupon from them. My vacation package was one person would be maximum $87, but while I was trying to reserve a date it came up $130 per person. Anyways, I had some family issues I cannot make it. I called them to receive $100 visa prepaid card and they have confirmed regardless I travel or not they will offer $100 gift card. Now I have called them but they are not giving me straight answer.

I read everyone’s complaints and I totally agree and have gone through the same issues. I never received my letter of explanation until after the 30 days and I can no longer receive a refund. I spoke with David ** one of the supervisors and he hung up the phone on me while I was asking questions. I could not figure out why they cannot email any correspondence to customers. Please stay away from this company!

I paid upfront for a vacation package that included a tour. I was skeptical about the whole experience because I was told that I was not going to be staying in the resort but a hotel instead. I thought ok, that’s not too big of a problem. I called to confirm my reservation the day before I was to be checking in. I was informed that the reservations had been cancelled and I would not be getting my money back because I did not confirm verbally over the phone when they had called. I did not get the calls and did not get the messages until the weekend. They are not open on the weekend for me to call and verify. Therefore, they felt that they had to right to steal my money. I am making a BBB complaint today. I did not even want to give them one star, but I was forced to by the computer program. They deserve no stars.

I got the call from VTT about a week ago. We bought the package after reading all the reviews. I am feeling like I just gave away some money. I did not read one positive review on the list. I will probably take my losses and book my own hotel to Branson MO.

Purchased a Bluegreen vacation package from them. . Biggest mistake ever!! Horrible customer service. Unfortunately we had to cancel due to my husband having to report to work. I tried to cancel on a Saturday (which would have been 5 days prior) but they are closed Saturday and Sunday. So I called first thing Monday morning, thinking that it would be fine since we were checking in on Wednesday & they were closed over the weekend, but they were being unreasonable & wanted to charge $75 blaming it on Bluegreen and the hotel; which was a lie because I called the hotel directly and I had up to 24 hours to cancel without penalty. I called blue green directly & Thankfully Bluegreen was able to waive it. Purchase the vacation directly from blue green . Stay away from vacation tour & travel at all costs.

We chose the Air Hotel Escape option, where “two adults receive 2 nights of hotel accommodations and roundtrip airfare to 1 of the U.S. cities listed.” I selected Vegas after paying receiving the gocrv voucher. Don’t hesitate! You must register within 60 days of the Issue Date or face a $100+ charge. This trip is not free. and I flew Spirit Airlines. Please see the expenses paid to gocrv below:

$100: Deposit. $373.73: Additional hotel/flight charges, included: $75: Per person to fly out on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday (We left on a Saturday morning); $75: “Upgraded hotel” (Stratosphere. I’d give it a 2-star rating); $75: Travel assist, just in case you decide to make a one-time change to your reservation (We didn’t); I’m assuming the remaining $73.73 were random fees. Who knows.

Additional fees I incurred: $60: Resort Fee. which no one mentioned. The receptionist told me about this charge upon arrival; $50: Gas to drive four hours away to the city from which I flew and four hours back after landing (Smh); $120: One check-in baggage and seat selection, round trip on Spirit – Total: $703.73 total for two.

$703.73 is a lot when you’ve been told the vacation was free. Upon further investigation, I asked Reservations how much the tickets actually were. I was told $362.38 total for two roundtrip tickets (on Spirit. I doubt it). I asked about the room costs. I was told the rate was “undisclosed.” In short, the trip was a complete rip off. We could’ve paid less for sure by not using them as a deceptive liaison. I flew to Vegas at 6a on Saturday and from Vegas at 5p on Monday. The experience wasn’t completely horrible, but the ultimate dissatisfiers were the poor customer service and deception. Lesson learned. I advise all to be their own travel agent and do not rely on or trust these frauds! I might’ve given the experience two stars had the flight actually been out of the city in which I reside.

Had a certificate for a 4 day cruise. Representative from VTT, Drew **, stated that voucher was for an inner cabin with bunk beds. He stated I could upgrade to a window view for $639.30 for two. I answered his questions that we were from Arizona and over 55. I gave my address and birth dates. Stated this was a cruise line upgrade to a Fun Select which gave me a cabin upgrade. I booked the cruise but when I checked the Carnival website and also talked to a representative, I could have had the same cruise with the upgrade for $45 less than VTT.

I spoke with the VTT representative again and he denied I gave him the age and residence (he had my address and birth dates) and that he booked us on a standard Carnival Cruise without any promotions. The question is, why book with VTT when they offer no promotions, do not look for a better deals for the customer, and there is no price gain from the original certificate? The answer, do not book with, do not deal with them. Do your own with Carnival and you get a better deal.

I wish I could give 0 stars! I have a cruise certificate for a 3, 4 or 5 day cruise. First of all, they say the cruise is free other than service fee for port and govt taxes but when you try to set up a cruise, you get the runaround and they want to charge you more than what Carnival charges for the same cruise. I called in May to arrange and cruise and they claimed Carnival did not give them enough 1A cabins. I called Carnival and they said they had several 1A cabins available. They could not locate any cruises for me and told me to call back closer to the time I wanted to cruise in September.

I called in August and was told that they had nothing until January as they had to be given 90 days advance notice. I advised them I had called Carnival and there was a cruise available with 1A cabins on 9/21/15 leaving out of Jacksonville Florida but they claimed it would cost me $759 to take this cruise. What happened to free cruise, I asked. They claimed they had to charge additional amounts since it was no 90 days notice. I told them I would contact the Better Business Bureau as I had given them 90 days and more notice. I kept getting the runaround from May, June, July and now August. I went on the tour of the resort in February and also tried calling them to set up a cruise. Carnival charges less than what they are asking for this free cruise. I guess it’s their way of avoiding people having the cruise.

I bought two days trip from this company and I am so disappointed. I wanted to cancel and they told me it’s past 15 days so I couldn’t. However, the other person told me that it’s 30 days when I book my hotel. Also, I had a concern about my hotel and they didn’t not give me clear answer about hotel that I paid for it. They were so nice when we were paying 99$ for the trip but they were so rude when we were trying to book a hotel. It’s a big mistake that I choice this company. Ridiculous!

My husband was shopping at Bass Pro in Destin, Fl when approached to take a 4-night, 5-day vacation at a resort of his choice out of the big beautiful catalog they presented to him. As a surprise for me he purchased this package for $199.00. A terrible mistake and a lesson learned. We went to St. Petersburg, Fl and at the Welcome Center of Bluegreen Resorts which was in the local strip shopping center, we were directed to our hotel which had a 3-star rating. I was shocked 3-star rating could be so bad. I found out ahead of time where we were staying and thought I was doing my homework. The pictures online looked much better than the hotel did in person. We stayed at The Post Card Inn a few blocks away from the resort where the timeshare presentation was held.

Upon driving into the parking lot of the hotel I knew we had made a mistake. It wasn’t for us. Our room was dirty from chipped paint, cracked tub, outlets that wouldn’t hold our cell phone chargers, hairs on the floor etc. I had also requested a fridge and microwave. I would have never chosen that for my beach resort vacation if I had seen it in person. There were stairs only and the ice machines were on the second floor. There were no elevators so not a easy way to get around for senior citizens. We went back to the welcome center to complain and try and be moved to another hotel but no rooms were available. We got another room at the same hotel but it was worse.

Our view was the parking lot with rats running around. It was late at night and storming severely so we went to bed. The next day we attended the required presentation at 8:30am – our assigned presentation time in order to redeem our Bass Pro Shop gift card. We had to laugh when the first words spoken were “we are a world-class vacation company whose goal is your vacation happiness” and to make lasting memories. We told the reps and manager how disappointed we were as we had expected a resort type hotel. There was nothing they could do about moving us but that didn’t stop them from trying to sell us vacations from $30,000 to $895.00.

They did give us a $150.00 MasterCard gift card instead of the $75.00 bass Pro Shop gift card. As soon as we left the required presentation we went back to the hotel to pack up and go home. Upon checking out we were charged a resort fee and taxes. We certainly didn’t use anything at their resort. Had we stayed 4 nights it would have been a resort fee nightly and taxes. Don’t use your debit card when checking in. Be sure to give them a credit card so you can dispute charges if necessary.

When we got home I had 2 charges that I wasn’t aware of and didn’t authorize which so far has involved three phone calls. Thank goodness we were only 2 hours from home and are retired so we didn’t take time off work. I highly recommend saving your gas money, time packing and vacation days for a hassle free, no pressure getaway where you know exactly what you are getting. Bass Pro should be ashamed of misleading customers who come in to shop and spend their money in their stores and are hassled to buy these vacations. Please beware and save yourself a big headache and disappointment.

I originally signed up for information through Bass Pro Shop. I was hesitantly interested. I talked to them in the store and extensively over the phone. They were pushy, and wanted to give me the deal only if I signed up while I was on the phone. Ultimately they offered me a cruise, 2 $25 Bass Pro gift cards and 3-day 2-night stay at Wisconsin Dells for $99. Even the day before going up to the Dells, they refused to tell me what resort we would be staying at. When I had to cancel due to external circumstances the day of, supposedly Tour and Travel was not available the day of check in, and Bluegreen staff was at best ill-informed.

They said that Tour and Travel would reimburse me the $75 cancelation fee if I rescheduled on Monday, when they were in the office. I called in on Monday and was met with anger at the suggestion I would be reimbursed. I told them that this has been more trouble than it was worth. I told her that I didn’t want the package, and Brittany snidely informed me that I wouldn’t get charged the cancelation fee of $75, but I wouldn’t get my original $99 back and she hung up.

We were called about a trip to Pigeon Forge – a package deal from Capital Resorts Group that included a time share presentation at Pigeon Forge, a 3 to 5-day Carnival cruise, and a trip to Branson for 409 dollars. If they call, hang up, it is a scam. The carnival cruise line puts you in a cabin with berths 5 ft tall that you have to climb up a ladder, plus you can’t book it until Carnival decides to “release the cabin”, plus you have to pay 130 to 230 dollars per person. No one knew anything about the Branson deal. Our own fault. Don’t go to any time share presentations. You will get scammed. And I have lost my respect for Carnival Cruise Line. They should not be connected with this group.

I used to work for VTT in Denton, TX in ’08. The atmosphere was fun and my boss wasn’t horrible. She was very nice. I liked my coworkers and couldn’t complain about much in the beginning. I worked hard and made sales every now and then. But as the company’s rapport started dwindle, things became more strained at work. My supervisors started to push people harder to make sales in a difficult economy with COLD calls. These are people who signed up to win a contest and ended up getting a call from me. They hated me and I understood. It wasn’t hard for me to get why people were so angry with the company. After a few months they started to fire more people and I got moved to scheduling and I spent my work hours calling people to help them set up their dates.

I heard from many people that they weren’t getting what we had promised, what I had promised, and was told they would receive. There were cases where people just didn’t even care about the cruise anymore and just wanted us to leave them alone. The company let down these customers and I felt partly responsible. Towards the end of my time working at VTT they changed me back to the sales floor and this was around Christmas time. To offer incentive for making sales they had raffle drawings for the employees to put their tickets they earned from make sales into. I put all of my tickets into a box to win a flat screen TV.

To my surprise and excitement I ended up winning the drawing for the TV but the company apparently didn’t have enough money to give me the prize that I worked hard to get (I had made a lot of sales and had a lot of tickets put into that box). I got $100 instead of a TV that was probably worth around $600-$700. I left after that and was livid with the company. Completely unprofessional, no customer care whatsoever, and they don’t care about anything but lining their pockets. I won’t ever trust another company that offers “deals” like this and I won’t work for one either.

Okay so I work for bass pro and my boyfriend was walking around the store one day and one of the outdoor traveler people talked him into one of these deals. So it’s a 3-day, 4-night or however many days and nights in Vegas in a suite for 4 people and a free cruise for 2 people. I was planning on buying today but decided to read reviews and am not funding anything positive. So do you just have to sit through time share BS? Because if that’s the only catch then why not? How many people actually got the cruise? Like I said I work for bass pro so I wouldn’t think they would screw “one of their own” over, right? Also the lady I was talking to said the deal doesn’t come around and she doesn’t know when it will end but talking to a co-worker she said it’s always going on. So now I don’t trust the lady. Please let me know what happened with you.

Purchased package around June 2013. Had one year to book the stay. Attempted several dates but they were always unavailable. Finally found a date in June 2014 at a less desirable location but had to cancel in time due to a family tragedy. Was told on the phone I could have this extended for one year. Now today I was attempting to book for next month June 2015 and I was told they no longer offer this package and I don’t even do business with the timeshare company anymore.

I asked to speak with the manager and spoke with ** on May 13, 2015 at approximately 11:30. Understanding that can happen I offered to see if I could get a credit towards a new package or new cruise or anything! The answer of course was he could not do can’t do anything. I offered for any type of credit towards anything they offer and they said no. I will be taking this up with the attorney general in my state. I know that even if his services offered and the special has expired you have to at least offered a general credit for what was paid. I know it is illegal to pay for a vacation package and not be offered any type of credit regardless of when the special expires.

My husband and I visited Bass Pro in March 2014 and entered a “contest” to win a free 2 night/3 day trip to a Bluegreen Vacations resort. In April 2014, we received a phone call stating we were chosen to visit one of the resorts. For $149.00 we would get 2 nights/3 days at any Bluegreen Vacations resort and after visiting and sitting through a timeshare presentation, we would received one free 4 night Carnival Cruise. It seemed fairly harmless, yet cheap, so we paid the $149.00 and told them we weren’t sure when we would be able to travel, but it would most likely be right before the year deadline was up (April 2015).

In February 2015, we received a call from Vacation Tour & Travel to book our trip and we were told the only resorts Bluegreen had were in Florida, Arizona and Nevada. I requested anything in California or Colorado and was told no, the only states that had resorts were FL, AZ and NV. This was a little confusing as I had visited the website many times prior to the call and saw a lot of locations. We agreed to book our trip in Peoria, AZ @ the Cibola Vista Resort. We were told we would be staying on the resort and not in a hotel off site. We were called the next day to confirm the location/dates. 2 days later, we received another call and we were told they had booked us in a resort in Las Vegas, NV instead of AZ, BUT they were fixing it and we would be good to go.

Three days later, we received yet another call to now confirm the correct resort/date. Because of the confirmation, we were assured we were good and ready to travel, we booked our travel to Arizona seeing we live in Colorado, we would have to travel there (like most folks probably have to do). Now, if things couldn’t get any worse.

Worse, they did get! We received another call in mid February and we were told the Cibola Vista Resort did not have rooms available. Wait a minute. Vacation Tour & travel confirmed twice, plus we had received a letter! Oh, talk about frustration. After many conversations, I requested to speak with a manager and was finally forwarded to Candace. Talk about a rude and insensitive individual! Anyway, she promised to check daily to get us into the resort. I called and requested a call back and she did not call back, so we called today (3/2/15).

Candace called us back and point blank stated she would not refund any money. She also would not admit to their error and was not apologetic when my wife mentioned our travel had already been booked. Candace told us that booking travel to the resort was “our problem” and she did not care. Hmmm, interesting! So, after dealing with Candace, I requested her manager and she referred me to Connie Kirby, the Sr. VP of Vacation Tour & Travel. BUT, Connie does not take phone calls nor emails from customers and Candace was the “highest” manager in the place!

After further frustrations, I demanded to speak with someone else. Not only were we treated poorly, but the insensitivity from Candace was just poor customer service all around. Candace transferred me to Wanda, who was more than friendly. Wanda took the initiative to tell me she may be able to refund our money for the “free” vacation, yet our travel there was our problem (still not happy). Anyway, she also stated Connie Kirby, the Sr. VP had an open door policy, yet I could not get her phone or email address. I would give this company 0 stars as they don’t even deserve that. The lack of care in the individuals claiming to be managers is poorly disgusting. I guess I will wait to see if I get this trip refunded due to their mistake!


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