Mar 22 2020

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Expedia or travelocity


Expedia, Orbitz or Travelocity

I have never used a travel booking website. Looking to book both air and hotel. This is for a week from NYC to London in June. Who has had success or failure with these sites?

Welcome to the Bargain Travel forum. As some background you can read articles in this forums Top Questions section (over on the right-hand side of this page, near the top). The topics titled “Online Travel Agencies / Hotel Booking websites” contains several links, and the next topic down titled “Making Hotel Bookings” might be good to read. Some of the companies you mentioned are talked about in those articles and forum threads.

When booking online with any website it’s always good to do a search using the search box just above your forum question. Type in the company name and the results that appear may give you an indication of issues people have experienced. Remember most people only post on these forums if they have a rant or complaint, so weigh up what you read, and see if people are experiencing real issues, or they just failed to read the websites Terms and Conditions and got caught out, or they failed to understand what they were booking, eg. Booked a cheap non-refundable hotel deal, then tried to cancel and are upset they can’t get any refund.

Many people recommend booking flights on the airlines own websites, then booking your hotel independently too. There is no need to book a package (flight and hotel together), though savings can be made. With these packages often it’s non-refundable, so read all the terms and conditions before booking.

The Air Travel forum is full of people who used third-party websites advertising extremely cheap fares and had issues. Have a browse on the Air Travel forum, and it’s Top Questions section too –

When booking trips like this, researching and getting Travel Insurance is wise too.

Some outstanding advice from Avanti, and I absolutely agree.

I would first check to see how the two components work out, when priced separately. I’m always an advocate for booking flights through the airlines directly. If you must book them together, I would look at pricing them not off a third party, but look at flight + accommodation on the airline websites. Look at the major carriers on that route, such as BA, DL, and AA.

You can scratch Travelocity off that list, as they were acquired late last year by Expedia, so their platform is operated by Expedia

Expedia and Orbitz are generally regarded as reliable sites, but I always do what KVE has suggested, namely price up options using airline flight plus hotel offers and see how they compare to booking the two separately. I’ve previously found some interesting results, including deals with BA for accommodation with flights that were actually cheaper than just booking the flights.

That sort of thing may be very rare, but I’d still second the advice to avoid third party sites, which only add an extra layer of complication and added T&C’s when compared to booking with the airlines. Whatever you decide, the key to not getting your fingers burnt is to do the research, read and understand the T&C’s, and get good travel insurance, as has been said already. Also, pay by credit card and you will get some protection.

Don’t go chasing the cheap deals that are often advertise don dodgy third party sites. These prices are rarely live, and are there just to lure you in. Cheap deals almost never exist in reality, and you will expose yourself not only to poor companies but also to the danger of becoming a victim of scammers as well.

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