Nov 24 2016

7 Most Popular Types of Travel Booking Websites of 2013 – Skift #airline #flight #deals

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7 Most Popular Types of Travel Booking Websites of 2013

Online booking websites are more popular than travel agencies, branded bookings, and deals websites; however, meta-search s 10 percent jump this year indicates the growing sector could soon become a more formidable competitor.

Samantha Shankman

When travelers power up their laptops to book a trip, they re probably headed to an online travel agency such as Expedia. Travelocity. and Orbitz .

Fifty-eight percent of travelers turned to these online booking websites in 2013, according to MMGY Global’s 2013 Portrait of American Travelers. which bases all statistics on interviews conducted with 2,511 active leisure travelers in February 2013.

That s more than the overall percentage of travelers that visited brands booking portals (45 percent), metasearch sites (28 percent). and travel agency websites (6 percent).

Despite the sites popularity, use of online booking websites declined two percent over the last year. Meanwhile, metasearch sites such as Kayak and Momondo saw a surge in popularity as usage grew from 18 percent in 2012 to 28 percent in 2013.

Not all new types of booking website trump traditional sources. Traditional travel agencies continue to deals websites like LivingSocial Escapes and private-sale websites such as Jetsetter .

Types of Typical Websites for Travel Reservation

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