Sep 14 2016

About Travel Agent Training

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Education Prerequisites

For most travel agent trainees, a high school diploma is the basic educational requirement you must meet. Most agencies hiring a travel agent prefer someone with at least some college courses in a business-related field, and some selective agencies want only an agent with a college degree.

Educational Programs

Many vocational schools offer full programs in tourism or travel, and these programs are excellent for people who want to be a travel agent. The courses available cover the basics of airline, cruise ship lines and other forms of transportation. Travel agent training courses also include accounting courses as well as information on sales techniques. For people who do not complete a full educational program, there also are individual courses available at community colleges and online. These programs help travel agent trainees learn how to work with customers.

Travel Background

Someone who enters a travel agent training program really needs to have some type of background in travel. Though international travel is a boost, domestic travel to popular and interesting destinations is perfect. A personal background in travel will help someone training to be a travel agent because this trainee will have experience to share with clients.

Personal Traits

Someone training to be a travel agent needs to be detail-oriented. A travel agent’s job is to make sure clients’ trips go smoothly. Because of the requirements of the job, people who are good with details and are organized do the best in these positions. Travel agent training programs will include information on organizing the office and how to keep up with all of the client’s needs. Trainees taking courses also should take the opportunity to take basic computer courses because being able to use software to organize client itineraries is key.

Work Environment

Travel agent training programs exist for people who are going to work with established agencies and also for people who want to work from home offices. These travel agents will have a small office and manage all of their clients’ needs from their homes, eliminating the overhead required for traditional office space.

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