Jul 31 2017

Al travel #southall #travel

#al travel

Al humaidi Travel Tours is an approved sales agents for almost all Airlines operating from Doha Qatar.

Being one of the professional firms in Travel management industry, Al humaidi Travel Tours dedicated to the clients’ needs such as Ticketing, Hotel Reservation, Car Rental, Emergency Travel Service, Business Travel Service, VIP Travel Service Special Holiday Packages, Medical Travel packages, International Driving License, Travel Insurance, Visit visas. Etc..

Our style of functioning is Comprehensive, Cost effective and Simple. At the same time focused on productivity and quality.

We know where to work to meet the client needs and how to organize the clients interests. We work closely with our clients and assess their specific needs to ensure they get what exactly they were looking for. We use the right parameters to do the right thing within the time frame and promptly update the requirements of our clients and provide them a fair choice as per their interests.

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