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  • The Banu Aus or Banu Aws ( Sons of Aws , بنو أوس) was one of the tribes of Arabia during Muhammad s era.

    aus travel Streetwise Munich

    Streetwise Munich Map Laminated City Center Street Map of Munich, Germany Folding pocket size travel map with metro map including S-Bahn U-Bahn

    Streetwise Munich Map Laminated City Center Street Map of Munich, Germany Folding pocket size travel map with integrated metro map including S-Bahn U-Bahn lines stations

    This map covers the following areas:

    Main Munich Map 1:14,000

    Munich Area Map 1:73,000

    Munich Metro Map

    Munich, regional capital of Bavaria in south central Germany, is the second most popular destination in Germany after Berlin. The city is a center for culture and arts, with a staggering assortment of museums. It’s also a fun loving, convivial, good old fashion party town known for the annual Oktoberfest.

    Munich is a city of contrasts. The Marienplatz is the heart of Munich and the site of its most important historic buildings. The square is dominated by the Neo-gothic Town Hall featuring its famous Glockenspiel. The Alte Pinakothek houses ones of Europe’s most important art collections. In contrast is the Hofbrauhouse where beer has been swilled at this world famous tavern site since it became a royal brewery in 1605. In Englischer Garten you’ll find Haus der Kunst, a popular place for art ehxibits. It’s located adjacent to one of the best river surfing spots in Munich (there are several): the Eisenbach River. You can stand on the bridge and watch as surfers carve turns on the icy water. The water is shallow and the water is fast, so this may not be the best place to try the sport for the first time, but it’s definitely worth watching as surfers line up for a chance to test their skills on this permanent 3 foot wave. And then there is Theresienwiese, the park on the west side of town where the vast beerhall tents are pitched for Octoberfest.

    The main STREETWISE® map of Munich covers the central city in detail and contains all important sites, architecture, metro stations and parks. Also provided is an inset map which features Munich’s metro system and fare structure. This Munich map will enable you to navigate your way to Nymhenburg Palace or Olympic Park, both of which are outside the center city. A Munich Area map, which guides you in, out, and around Munich, is helpful in finding the Munich International Airport and other out of town sites.

    Our pocket size map of Munich is laminated for durability and accordion folding for effortless use. The STREETWISE® Munich map is one of many detailed and easy-to-read city street maps designed and published by STREETWISE®. Buy your STREETWISE® Munich map today and you too can navigate Munich, Germany like a native. For a larger selection of our detailed travel maps simply type STREETWISE MAPS into the Amazon search bar.


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