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Australia is a wonderful destination for the ultimate travel experience. There are no shortages of tourist attractions or fantastic accommodation, and the Australian people are friendly. The Australian wildlife, landscape, architecture and way of life are unique.

Australian Explorer will help you travel around with confidence and plan your holiday in comfort. The user friendly accommodation. tourist attraction and transport sections make travelling in Australia a breeze – thousands of places to stay and visit are listed; ideal for all travellers to Australia.

In addition, there are great pictures of famous and not so famous landscapes such as Uluru (Ayers Rock ), and the Olgas which you may want to visit when in Australia.

Of course the purpose of this travel website is to assist you, the traveller, as much as possible when travelling in Australia. If there is any way that you believe we can improve this Australian Travel Website please contact us .

Australian Capital Territory

The population of Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is a little over 300,000. The total area of the territory is a fraction over 2,400 square kilometres; tiny by Australian standards. The Capital Territory is surrounded by New South Wales. with the capital Canberra surrounding Lake Burley Griffin. which is man made.

New South Wales

New South Wales is Australias most populated state with over 6.2 million inhabitants. The state houses the countries largest and arguably the countries most well known city; Sydney. This is a place where over 3.25 million Australians call home. The state’s area totals 802,000 square kilometres.

Northern Territory

The Northern Territory is the most barren of all areas in the whole of Australia. It encapsulates a total area of 1.35 million square kilometres and accounts for 20% of the whole country. However, just 182,000 or 1% of Australias population lives here.

Red is the predominant colour found in the soil, the rocks and Uluru (Ayers Rock) which are all situated in Central Australia (also known as the Red Centre ). Surrounding the centre are a number of meteorite crators, canyons and valleys. The capital of the Northern Territory is Darwin .


Queensland is often referred to as the ‘holiday state’ and this is certainly a fitting title. The population of approximately 3.5 million live in the states 1,727,000 square kilometres.

Queensland holds activities for everyone, and is the perfect holiday destination. It includes Surfers Paradise. Cairns. the Great Barrier Reef. many islands along the coast, a great number of beaches, rainforests and National Parks. The capital city of Queensland is Brisbane.

South Australia

Adelaide. the capital, has been called ‘the city of churches’ and is home to 80% of the regions population of roughly 1.47 million, living in 984,277 sq km.


Tasmania is the one and only island state of Australia, encapsulating 67,800 square kilometres and housing over 474,000 people. The Bass Strait is to the North, Tasman Sea to the East and the Southern Ocean to the South. The capital is Hobart which is well worth a visit.

There are plenty of National Parks all over Tasmania. offering fabulous scenery, great walking trails and various outdoor activities. Waterfalls are also popular in Tasmania. including the beautiful Russell Falls.


Victoria may be Australia’s smallest mainland state, but this does not stop it from still hosting some of the best National Parks and wonderful landscapes in the country.

The population is relatively large in Australian terms with 4.6 million people living in an area of 228,000 sq km. The Capital city is Melbourne as shown in the photograph to the left.

Western Australia

Western Australia is the largest state in Australia, accounting for approximately one third of the Australian continent. It covers 2,525,500 square kilometres.

The magnificent coastline is 12,500 kilometres long, spanning 2,400 km from north to south. Despite the huge size, the population is less than 1.8 million, 80% of which live in and around Perth (approx. 1.4 million).


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