Sep 18 2018

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edith rewa x frankie totes and tees

Did you spot Edith Rewa s lovely floral illustrations in frankie issue 79? Well, what do you know we dug them up and splashed them across some cute tote bags and floaty tees.

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frankie stocking stuffers – sophie kalagas

Our resident Christmas (and pooch) enthusiast recommends some sweet stuff to pop under a tinsel-topped tree.

Travel magazine

subscribe to frankie and score a free digital stocking

Nab a subscription for yourself or a pal and get a sweet bundle of digital goodies for nix.

Travel magazine

vegelicious magenta sushi

Dyed pink from beetroot juice, this sushi is a total treat to look at. Plus, it s chock full of healthy stuff.

Travel magazine

the w sculpture

This woolly doodad can be used as a bright and interesting paperweight, or just as a nifty bit of art to decorate your shelves.

Travel magazine

get fancy: french roll

We show you how to keep errant tresses in place (and look swanky as all get out) with this classic do.


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Welcome to frankie magazine online, the digital way to quench your frankie thirst in between issues. Here you will find lots of nice bits and bobs including clothes, music news, craft, photography, travel, Australian events and more. While we’re not primarily a fashion blog, we do love to support inspiring international and Australian fashion up-and-comers as well as providing you with the best looks from over those wide, choppy seas. Our weekly Tunesday feature will bring some sweet tunes into your mid-week, and there’s our regularly dotted recipes featuring not only the delights of Australian food blogs but yum stuff from all over this big wide world of ours. And of course plenty of arty, creative, crafty things for you to try at home!

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