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Before You Before You Go: Czech Travel Basics

By Kerry Kubilius. Eastern Europe Travel Expert

Eastern Europe s tourist industry is blossoming. From its capital cities to its rural countrysides, the region is a world unique from the West. Whether you re looking to experience village traditions, dance clubs that stay open till dawn, art and architecture that will make your jaw drop, or the food so good you ll crave it long after you ve gone, Eastern Europe is where you want to go. Read more

Prague travel and travel to the Czech Republic is probably some of the easiest in Eastern Europe. Not only is the expat population big (which means plenty of English speakers), but Czechs recognize traveller s checks readily, bank machines are everywhere, and gay travel is nothing to think twice about.

Visas for Czech Travel

Vaccinations for Czech Travel

No vaccinations are required to enter the Czech Republic

Czech Currency

The koruna (or crown) is the Czech unit of currency. Bank machines are ubiquitous around tourist areas and in the city. Use these to withdraw money with your bank card and PIN (don t forget to call your bank and tell them you ll be withdrawing money abroad!). This is possibly a better option than risking poor exchange rates at the currency exchanges you ll find.

Traveler s Checks for Travel to the Czech Republic

Traveler s checks in USD or foreign currency may appeal to you if you want to avoid fees every time you withdraw money from the bank machine. Foreign currency traveler s checks may also be more widely recognized than credit cards at privately owned businesses or shops and hotels in outlying areas.

Using Credit Cards While You Travel in the Czech Republic

Cash is still the best option when traveling in the Czech Republic, as not everyone outside of the city center will accept credit cards.

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However, credit cards are still useful in a bind when you need to withdraw money from bank machines (albeit at the steep interest rate charged).


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