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Best Travel Websites 2013 #gap #year #travel

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Best Travel Websites 2013

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2013 is here and below you ll find a summary of the best travel websites and resources.  Bookmark these and be sure to use them:

1. How good is this travel booking site? In a recent price comparison wtih, BestTravelCoupon routinely beat Kayak on price (Click Here To See It ).

This website (a free app is also available ) is all about saving time and money for any travel shopper.  Think of it this way Why search one travel site after another when this Travel Search Engine can search Priceline, Expedia, and 100+ other travel sites for you? .  

You can search 100 s of travel sites with 1 click and see the lowest rates for both hotels and flights.  The site also has reviews, recommendations, and hotel details but the #1 reason to use it is it will save time and money for you.

If you want to instantly see the lowest rates for hotels and flights then use: Click Here For

2.  – This is a free app that is all about  Last Second  hotel deals.

You need to book the same day but the discounts can be substantial.  We have used it several times with excellent results. They need to expand in more cities but this free app is worthy of a spot on your smart phone.  It s a free app.  You can get it on the website here: Click for

3. If you use Facebook you may really like this travel site that allows you to use your online friends to provide recommendations, to plan a trip, offer trip ideas, find cool places, and more.  How does it work?

Visit and  select a destination, add departure dates, and get connected with through Facebook. will ask you what kind of trip you’re planning to take (romantic, food trip…). It will ask you to write a small blurb about your upcoming trip (“I’m just testing this site out” or “I m going to propose on this trip!”).

Trippy will then ask you to select a bunch of hotels  and restaurants that you may have in mind, so that your friends can offer opinions (you can skip this part if you have no idea).

You can then send your trip details to a Facebook group that you’ve set up (“Friends” for instance). Your message will be posted on your Facebook account, and any recommendations from friends will pop up on your own Trippy site page (just log into the Trippy site to access the page). Once all of those steps have been completed, all that’s left for you to do is sit back and wait for comments to roll in.


4. This travel website is similar to Pinterest, lets users create travel boards about places you want to visit, places of interest, and placed you have already visited.   On the site, you can search for global suggestions by using tags such as “family,” “nightlife” or Dance clubs , expeditions , and then you can sync it with a social network (Facebook).

5. Short but helpful reviews by locals.  This site (as you may notice by the ending) is based in the United Kingdom but you will find reviews and recommendations on cities around the world.

6. Website visitors leave reviews and recommendations to Bars, Nightclubs, Restaurants, Nightlife, and Events   in a number of cities around the world.

For example, if you re visiting Amsterdam be sure to hit this site to see info and comments from locals on the best dance clubs, bars, cafes. and sites.   See here

7. This is an Australian based website.  Instead of reviews this site has real-time question and answers by all types of travelers around the world.   Other visitors to the site will share their travel experiences and reply directly to your questions.   Many consider it much better than a travel forum because the quality of the answers is usually at another level then you find on most travel forums.

On, questions are routed to locals and past visitors with similar interests to get the best possible answers to any travel questions.  It s a great site if you re looking for intelligent feedback on any travel plans.  Click Here To Visit

8. Website that you guessed it posts the Best Hotels Under $100 in cities around the world.  Heading to  Barcelona?  Or San Diego? Or Austin, Texas? And need a quality hotel at under $100/night?  Well this is the place to find it.

The site launched in 2012, and this growing travel site adds new cities every week.  You can often find 3-4 star hotels at $60-$100/night. A good site to bookmark and use the next time you re in need of a hotel.

Check out these 8 websites, bookmark them, and pass them on to your friends.  They make up our list of Best Travel Websites 2013 and they can help you save on travel and enjoy it a lot more.

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