May 31 2017

Booking airline tickets with no lastname #the #cheapest #airfare

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Booking airline tickets with no lastname

I wanted my mom to visit me here in the US. She applied for the passport and got one but with no last name. I noticed its significance when I was filling her application for the US visa as Last name was mandatory on the application. After checking the FAQ found that in such cases mention whatever name you have in SURNAME column and just print FNU (first name unknown) in the first name column. VISA will be printed as FNU,LastName.

Now the visa was done and I was all excited to got ready to book the tickets. The airline websites too need the last name and also it mentions that the name on passport should exactly match the name on the ticket. What do I do now. Spent hours talking to agents, customer service of the Orbitz,Expedia,Cheaptickets,Lufthansa etc etc and everyone gives different information every time you call them. No precise answer. Asked my brother in India to better book the tickets in India via travel agent. He was charging 50$ more but he said he would just enter same name both in FIRSTNAME and LASTNAME fields. (Air India mentions this in its T C). After doing so much research and with no firm answer from anybody, I have booked the tickets having same FIRSTNAME and LASTNAME = Passports s Given name.

I just hope that she does not run into any problems with airline/TSA or security.  If anyone had this problem. let me know what you did.

Update. She was able to travel to the US with tickets having the same name both in First Name and Last Name fields. Did not face any hurdles anywhere during the travel. She transited Via Abu Dhabi and Paris.

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