Jul 31 2017

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What is Vontio?

Vontio is a leading call tracking software company with customers in the UK, US, Canada, Australia and many other countries around the world.

At its core Vontio serves dynamic phone numbers on websites visitors who call these are tracked so that you can see where they came from, which pages they viewed, how many times they ve visited, and more. You can also play the calls back in your dashboard which is great for monitoring and training your staff.

What is Call Tracking?

Phone call tracking enables businesses who operate websites to get better insight into where their phone calls are coming from, which in-turn enables them to get a better ROI from their marketing efforts. Call tracking is a necessity for any business that spends money on marketing, especially marketing agencies.

For example, if Ted s Tyres have a £2,000 marketing budget and spend it evenly across 4 different marketing channels (£500 each) SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Google Adwords, Facebook and Twitter, then how do they know which of those marketing channels are responsible for the phone calls that come through their website? They don t, and that s a big problem for businesses. Vontio takes this ambiguity out of the picture and presents business owners with real data which supports smarter marketing decisions and spending. Now Ted knows that Google Adwords delivers 2x the ROI that Twitter does so he can increase his spend on Google Adwords, reduce his spend on Twitter, and work to increase the effectiveness of his Twitter campaign. Ted loves life. And Vontio!

Dynamic Phone Numbers for Call Tracking

The default way to use call tracking is by serving dynamic phone numbers to your website visitors, which basically means we give you a pool of at least 10 different phone numbers (local or freephone/toll-free) which are served to each visitor when your website is loaded. Each visitor gets a unique phone number which enables us accurately track them once they pick up the phone so that we can give you the correct information about that caller and their time on your website, as well as how they found your website. Dynamic phone numbers are automatically assigned by our system based on the number of unique visitors your website gets.

Static Phone Numbers for Call Tracking

As well as supporting dynamic phone numbers, Vontio also supports and encourages the use of static phone numbers these are numbers that don t get served on your website and are often used for offline marketing campaigns or specific landing pages. Static numbers can be added on to your account at any time along with labels, or campaign names, for reporting in your dashboard alongside your dynamic numbers for easy comparison within our call tracking app.

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