Oct 31 2016

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Personal Rentals

Whether you’re one of our longtime neighbors or just visiting our fair city, Edge Auto Rental has been trusted for a decade, providing a diverse range of affordable and reliable vehicles. Maintained in exceptional condition, our fleet has everything you need. Whether you want a vehicle for a weekend getaway, a shopping trip, a move, or a group outing, Edge is committed to putting you behind the wheel of dependable vehicles at the fairest rates in New York City.

Please Note: Edge does not accept debit cards, checks, or cash for rentals. All major credit cards are accepted.

Cargo Vans

Whether you’re moving into a new home in Staten Island or changing office buildings, rent a cargo van from us and simplify the process. Our cargo vans have 8 feet of space for hauling as well as seating for two passengers. It’s the perfect rental to get your larger items across the city.

Pickup Trucks

Perfect for daily, weekly, and monthly jobs, nothing says power and durability like a pickup truck from Edge Auto Rental. Our pickups offer power and heavy-duty cargo capacity built to out-perform the toughest vehicles.


Elegant interior design and excellent turning radius have made our selection of Mercedes Sprinters among the most popular vehicles in our fleet. Get your group or goods where they need to go in style.

More About Our Personal Rentals

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