May 3 2017

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I took the 3-day tour to see Niagara Falls and Toronto.  While it was a great chance to visit the places I ve seen, I wish the tour wasn t so controlling.  They try to push all the optional stops on you and demand immediate payment upfront;  I say optional because while their website says it s free to avoid, their tour guide is instructed into pushing it as it was a mandatory one, and saying they ll make an exception when he realizes we didn t bring money or dead set on not paying for it.  The free wifi and promised outlets on the bus were also a lie, which disrupted my work schedule and was forced to rely on hotspots and spare outlets in strange places to try to get work done.

On the positives, the tour guide was very patient and understanding (not to mention that we were the only non-Chinese on board) and let us do our own thing on the events we didn t pay.  And since the tour bus was only half full we quickly took the back seats and had more room.

The optional events we went to were the Skylon Tower minus the lunch, the Maiden on the Mist on the Canadian side, and the Thousand Island Cruise.  The ones we didn t go to were the Glass Museum, several short films, Lake Ontario cruise, CN Tower, and Chinatown (we weren t into Chinese food atm).

Anyone who may want to go should heed this: check clearly with all the surcharges they charge and be assertive about any contradicting information.

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