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First, let’s review a video put together by Rick Steves. Rick is the auth ority when it comes to traveling in Europe. You ma y have seen some of his shows on public television, or maybe you have one of his guidebooks. Lots of folks traveling into Europ e rely on his books. This par t icular short video talk s about the high-points when it co mes to driv ing your rental car in Europe. Enjoy!

We at Eurocar are in no way affiliated with Rick Steves, but simply believe that he offers some pretty helpful stuff. For more information on European trav el visit his site

How It All Began for Eurocar Rental – Eurocar Rental started as a website that offered a unique opportunity for Americans traveling overseas to secure a cheap European car rental while visiting the Old World. However, all that has changed. Yes, we still offer the best prices on Europe Car Rentals, but we now offer services all over the world. From Canada Car Rental to Car Rentals in Asia to, we have all of your car rental needs covered.

Updated daily, we are now providing detailed Car Rental location information. The ‘Location List’ page above simply provides further car rental information for many of the car rental locations. From Airport amenities to car rental driving directions to the nearby airport cities, we are confident that you won’t be disappointed. However, remember that just because details are not provided for your car rental location doesn’t mean that you can’t rent a car from us from that location. You can. In fact, we offer car rental services to over 20,000 locations throughout the world .

but is usually the full cost of the vehicle down to a certain excess amount or deductible. In other words, if you book a car with a CDW attached, then you would be liable for the first few hundred dollars of vehicle damage and the car rental company would be liable for the remainder (everything above the excess, or deductible). You can learn a little more by clicking here.

Choosing your Vehicle – Consider the size of the vehicle and the number of seats that you will need. Smaller models are cheaper, of course, but will they have enough room for your needs? Consider the transmission type and the fuel type as well. Eurocar Rental provides this information on each car.

Booking your Rental Vehicle – We always recommend that you view a car rental booking engine service like Eurocar Rental. Shopping around the web will offer some benefit, but many rental car comparison sites like ours will generally give you near the cheapest (if not the very cheapest) car rental prices in the world.

Understanding Your Car Rental – Get to know the Terms and Conditions of the car rental website. What is the cancellation policy? What are the fees for additional drivers? How old does an individual need to be to drive a rental car? Read Eurocar Rental’s complete Terms and Agreements page.

Understand the Cost of Your Rental – Eurocar Rental makes every attempt to be transparent in terms of all costs. For example, we like to show you a total daily fee on a car rental, but also break down all costs involved, so you know what you’re paying for.

Picking up Your Rental Car – If you’re first picking up your rental vehicle at the airport, maybe you should consider getting a free shuttle service from your hotel, then reserving a car at the hotel? It doesn’t work for every location, but for some it makes sense – as Eurocar Rentals are generally cheaper at a non-airport location. Either way, check the condition of your rental very carefully, and even take pictures of the rental or video the car body with your cell phone, if you get a chance.

Returning Your Rental Vehicle – First, we generally don’t recommend that youi use prepaid rental car gas plans. Instead, find a petrol fueling station near the rental car location and do it yourself. On our car rental locations page, Eurocar Rental tries to locate these stations that are close to the locations, for your benefit. Finally, if at all possible, return the rental vehicle to an agent or employee of the rental car company. Many stolen vehicles have occurred because the keys to a rental vehicle were handed over to a common thief.

Below we have included a short You tube video ( thanks to AOL Travel Channel) of a few tips that might come in handy with your rental. Obviously, we could fill the page on money -saving ideas – at least the video will start you in th e right direction .

Below are some helpful videos created by Rick Steves. Rick is a European travel guru and put this video together to help folks who have never driven in Europe before. The first video below speaks about traveling in Europe – overall. The ones underneath drill down into the various c ountr ies that you may be intere sted in – Spain, Ireland, Italy, and France for example. We hope you enjoy these.

Rick Steves’ Lecture on Vacationing in Spain


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