Dec 31 2017

Europe – Travel Guide and Latest News #train #travel #usa

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As a whole, Europe offers a strong ethno-cultural, linguistic and historical heritage with diverse nationalities, 35 official languages and an abundance of UNESCO-protected castles, monuments and ancient sites. This cornucopia of heritage has given rise to a spectacular wealth of people, traditions and cultures. Although they live harmoniously side by side, the 36 member countries of the European Travel Commission are distinctive, such as Germany. France. Italy and Poland .

Travelers can visit as few or as many nations as they want. Just hop on a train the most seamless and picturesque way to traverse the continent. Looking for romance? Why not experience the changing landscapes by a river or canal boat? Europe is a roadmap of grand waterways, such as the Rhine and Danube, which flow through big cities such as Frankfurt. and small countryside hamlets. Cyclo-tourism is also gaining in popularity.

The capitals of Europe offer culture through world-class museums, music concerts and theater. Be sure to try the local cuisine, wine and make sure to grab a pint of beer with the locals. Every region and city holds endless treasures: remains of the Greek and Roman empires, entire districts built in medieval times, typical homes, covered markets, belfries, city walls and cathedrals. Natural attractions abound as well, from Mediterranean beaches to the rugged Arctic beauty of the north to the mountain ranges such as The Alps.

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