May 30 2017

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We found Freedom Tours when we went on Tripology to solicit ideas for a family trip to Italy (Rome, Florence).  Annie responded and won our… Read More

We found Freedom Tours when we went on Tripology to solicit ideas for a family trip to Italy (Rome, Florence).  Annie responded and won our business.

The great:  Annie came up with an imaginative itinerary which included renting apartments in Florence (the center) and Trastevere region of Rome (20 min walk to historic Rome).  We included 1/2 day tours of Rome (the classic sites), full day Pompeii/Vesuvius, 1/2 day Vatican Museums, 1/2 day Florence, and a custom day in Florence (which was supposed to be the Heather Day.).  Annie is world class.

Also great:  Each and every tour operator in Rome and Florence that Annie set us up with.  Top class guides, all used the microphone/headset setup (so you can actually hear the guide), extremely knowledgeable.  Mostly mid size groups.  Major kudos for this.

Airport transfers were prompt.

The mediocre:  Jessie.  Annie treated us like we were her most important client.  Jessie – not so much.  Jessie was/is responsive – no doubt – but didn t add value.  The Heather day Jessie came up with included a full day tasting olive oil and cheese.  Hmmm. not what we had in mind.  To her credit she came up an alternative idea (horse back ride plus wine tasting in morning, pizza/gelato making in evening) which exceeded our expectations.

Surprise #1 (bad):  We had to pay city tax in cash in both Rome and Florence on the spot when we checked into our apartment.  Nothing from Annie or Jessie warning us about this.  Good thing we did get some Euros at our layover in Toronto (NOTE:  Don t do this!  Get cash from ATMs in Rome).

Surprise #2 (iffy):  Our Rome apartment check in person (who was great) asked about our Train tickets.  We showed him then he asked no QR code?  Caused a panic wondering if we had the right tix.  Well we were over in the Termini area the day before our train from Rome to Florence so we went there and asked.  It turned out we had tickets using the Italo train so we were fine.  Italo is the private competitor to Trenitalia.  Would ve been nice to know this in advance.

Surprise #3 (iffy):  No follow-up just before or just after our trip.

Don t use:  For soccer tickets.  If you want to go to a Serie A game contact the club directly.  The club inevitably has someone that speaks English that can help and will save you lots of money (unless of course the game is sold out).

They do bundle the cost, so I can t compare the a la carte cost to what they charged us.

Even with the aforementioned hiccups we honestly had an awesome and memorable trip.  If you plan on going to Italy, check out Freedom Tours.

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