Jan 31 2017

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Greek Island Guides

Most travelers to Greece want to visit the Greek Islands. This page has links to my favorite island guides. If you are not sure which Greek Island you want to visit because you know almost nothing about them see my Greek Island Synopsis which has a paragraph or so on each island and then links to more detailed information. There is also my Greek Island Guide which has photos and links to each island without the descriptions for those who have a pretty good idea of which islands they are interested in. There are some links to practical pages at the bottom of this page such as ferry schedules, suggested itineraries and the famous Create-an-itinerary form where you can choose the islands and how many days you want to spend on each and send it in and get a price with no obligation to buy. If you need assistance with hotels and coordinating ferries see my Greek Travel Agency page. You can also use my Greek Island Hotel Search which uses the search engine and is a great way to find and book hotels if your itinerary is not too complicated.

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More Greek Islands Information

For a simple index with more islands and photos and links to each island page see my Greek Island Guide

Itinerary Suggestions: Can’t make up your mind? Go here and let me help you decide which islands to visit

Smart Cruise 7: This 12 day cruise program allows you to spend 2 nights in Mykonos before going to Ephesus, Turkey, Patmos, Rhodes and Crete, ending with 2 nights in Santorini! I am not a cruise type of guy but I recommend this one.

Step-by-Step Guide for Going to a Greek Island : Very helpful for beginners traveling on their own.

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