Jan 31 2017

Gulliver – s Travels in Brobdingnag: Details, Pictures – Chapter Summary – Gulliver s Travels #sa #travel

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Gulliver’s Travels in Brobdingnag 20 June 1702 3 June 1706

The farmer treats him as a curiosity and exhibits him for money throughout the kingdom. The word gets out and the Queen of Brobdingnag wants to see the show. She loves Gulliver and he is then bought by her and kept as a favourite at court. The farmer’s daughter, Glumdalclitch, becomes a member of the Queen’s court as Gulliver’s nurse.

The King and Queen of Brobdingnag love Gulliver. but the Queen’s dwarf is very jealous because the queen is now more fond of Gulliver. Since Gulliver is too small to use their huge chairs, beds, knives and forks, the queen commissions a small house to be built for Gulliver so that he can be carried around in it. This box is referred to as his travelling box.

Gulliver has many accidents during his stay there. The Queen’s dwarf drops barrel-sized apples on him, hailstones as big as tennis balls batter and bruise him, a dog picks him up in his mouth and carries him to the royal gardener and a bird of prey nearly grabs him. The queen has a toy boat made for him that Gulliver uses. One day a frog jumps on his boat and Gulliver has to deal with it. The greatest danger comes from a monkey that snatches Gulliver and carries him to the roof of the Palace where he is rescued.

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