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We offer travel vaccinations, anti-malarials and non-travel related vaccinations and treatments.

In addition to the services above, we also offer onsite vaccination clinics and training courses for nurses.

Searching for one disease in particular? Information on diseases is available on our Disease Directory page.


We have over 170 clinics across the UK. Use our clinic locator or contact us to find details.

About us

MASTA was established 30 years ago and now operates more than 170 private travel clinics in the UK. We offer travel health consultations, vaccinations, anti-malarials and travel related retail items, in addition to a wide range of non-travel related vaccination services.


We also offer a range of services for corporate and have partnership with retail products suppliers.


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Hepatitis A, Rabies and Yellow Fever vaccines now available across the MASTA clinic network.

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Over 170 locations

We have over 170 clinics open across the UK

MASTA has an award winning medical team

who constantly review global resources to ensure that our intelligence on travel health is second to none.

In a hurry? We offer last minute, Saturday and evening appointments across the network

“Absolutely excellent service this morning, knowledgeable, friendly, welcoming & most importantly, experienced staff administering jabs, painless!”

“Cannot fault the service, welcomed & greeted with a smile, this goes a long way, approach of the staff, clarity of questions asked & answered, all round excellent service, that’s what it is all about.”

“The service both on the phone and pharmacy was excellent and very clear. The person who administered the medications at Gompels in melksham was one of the most professional and personable medical professionals I’ve ever been seen by. I actually enjoyed having it done!”

MASTA Clinic – Gompels Pharmacy

“Exceptionally friendly, warm and welcoming and very helpful and prepared to answer questions. Pain free injections, and very useful information email sent to my inbox. A very comprehensive professional service, well done.”


MASTA was established over 30 years ago and now operates over 170 private travel clinics in the UK. We offer travel health consultations, vaccinations, anti-malarials and travel related retail items, as well as a wide range of non travel vaccination services.


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