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My family,2 adults 2 kids(12yrs and 14yrs) is planning a trip to Hawaii this Apr. A friend recommends Waikiki Marina Resort but some recommend Outrigger Reef on the Beach. Do you have any advice on the above hotel choices? Is a rental car necessary if I stay at one of the above hotels. If YES, any tips for car parking ?

I can t think of why anyone would recommend the Waikiki Marina for a family, although I admit i ve never stayed there and never been there. I m sure it is a fine hotel and maybe someone here will have more information on that.

My main objection would be that it is absolutely not located where I would want to be in relationship to the Waikiki Beach area and what I consider to be the main attractions. The Reef would be much better and lots on here think that is the only place to stay. I like the Reef and I have been there and stayed there.

That said, we still prefer the more central location and huge number of hotel options down around the Outrigger Waikiki and the Moana. Lots of options that are reasonably priced across the street from the beach. I suggest you get a map of Waikiki and decide what area you like best. Read the posts on here for lots of information about all the hotels.

I only caution strongly against the Marina area for a family especially with the kids.

Rental cars are not necessary at all if you stay in the main Waikiki area. First they are very expensive to park and you will not use it for most of the days. Instead, I recommend renting a car for the day or two you might really want to use it to drive around the island or over to Pearl Harbor, and do it right in the Waikiki Beach area at one of the agencies located in the hotels there.

I do recommend that you decide ahead of time what days you think you need a car and reserve ahead of time as they do run out of cars. Rent only the days you need it and avoid a $25-$30 a day parking fee at your hotel as well as the car rental costs.

Do a little research and ask specific questions here and you will get lots of opinions and ever some help.

Have a great trip and Aloha

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