May 26 2019

#Michigan and michigan state ^ #Video

#Cassius #Winston-Zavier #Simpson #matchup #takes #center #stage #in #Michigan-Michigan #State #showdown

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Michigan and michigan state

Cassius Winston-Zavier Simpson matchup takes center stage in Michigan-Michigan State showdown

Mike Mulholland |

Michigan guard Zavier Simpson (3) tries to drive against Michigan State guard Cassius Winston (5) in the first half of their Big Ten basketball game at the Breslin Center in East Lansing, on Saturday, January 13, 2018. (Mike Mulholland |

EAST LANSING — Cassius Winston has been playing against Zavier Simpson since the two were elementary schoolers.

Winston was among the best point guards in Michigan growing up, while Simpson had the same status in neighboring Ohio. That led to matchups from AAU tournaments to high school games, and plenty of familiarity between the two and their families.

“I’ve been playing against Zavier almost all my life,” Winston said.

Never, though, has a matchup between the two been quite so anticipated.

Simpson and Winston will lead their respective teams into Sunday’s top-10 matchup between Michigan and Michigan State at the Crisler Center (3:45 p.m., CBS).

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After years of playing in front of friends and family, the two now have become the most watched duo in Michigan’s in-state rivalry.

And entering their second season as starters, Winston is hoping to reverse his fortunes in the matchup.

Last year, Simpson was just three games into his tenure as the Wolverines starting point guard when he came to the Breslin Center in January and had perhaps the best game of his Michigan career to that point: 16 points and five assists in a 82-72 Michigan win.

Winston, meanwhile, had 11 points, just two assists and four turnovers.

The two met again in March in the Big Ten tournament and the result was more of the same: Simpson recorded 15 points. Winston had a better line: 11 points, five assists and two turnovers. But Winston once again couldn’t lead Michigan State to a win down the stretch, as Simpson was able to have some of his best offensive games against Winston while holding the Spartans point guard to below his season averages.

“I didn’t give my team the best opportunity to win,” Winston said of his performance in last year’s matchups. “That really hurts. I want to go out there and play to the best of my ability, play to my full potential.”

Spartans coach Tom Izzo said each team has taken on the personality of its point guard to a certain extent. But the point guard matchup has also been overblown a bit, he said, with plenty of other capable players on the floor.

“Everybody’s going to be important,” Izzo said. “Quarterbacks are always important. I think there’s a lot of players on both teams that are going to have a big impact.”

Winston said he’s thought some about the matchup in the last year, but sees it more in bigger-picture terms.

“Our teams go as we go,” Winston said. “A lot of their team’s success is because of him, a lot of my team’s success is because of me. It’s going to turn into an individual matchup in that sense.”

Winston heads into this year’s matchup as a Big Ten Player of the Year frontrunner, averaging 18.9 points and 7.4 rebounds per game while shooting 43.4 percent from 3-point range.

Simpson doesn’t have the same offensive numbers (9.1 points, 5.9 assists per game), but is generally regarded as one of the best defensive players in the Big Ten.

“I think what makes him good defensively is he’s very intelligent defensively,” Izzo said of Simpson. “I think he’s a great help-side defender. I think he’s very good on the ball but his help-side, he’s always in the right position.”

Izzo is quick to praise Simpson for his defensive prowess. But before he gets too far, he stops himself to praise his player, too, as plenty capable of reversing his fortune in the matchup.

“Cassius is playing the best of his career, too,” Izzo said. “It’ll be an interesting matchup.”

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