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European train travel

It s easy to travel from London to almost anywhere in Europe by train. National Rail train companies do not generally sell tickets for travel to mainland Europe, but this page explains where you can get information and buy tickets. If you are travelling even further afield, take a look at our worldwide page which contains lots of useful contacts

Travelling from around the UK to join an international train

National Rail offers flexible fares for travel to London, Ashford, Harwich or Dover to connect with a Eurostar or railandsail departure to Europe. These are separate tickets which should be used in conjunction with your international travel ticket. Ask at your local station for a ticket to London International and show your Eurostar or railandsail ticket.

Tickets issued to London International have fewer time restrictions (often none at all) compared with normal tickets and they ensure Contract for International Carriage of Passengers and Luggage by Rail (CIV) – PDF apply to your whole journey, rather than just in Europe.

Tickets to London International also include the London Underground across London (if necessary) to St Pancras (or Liverpool Street, Charing Cross or Victoria).


Eurostar run from London St Pancras International, Ebbsfleet International and Ashford International and journey times are fast. High Speed 1 delivers a faster, more reliable, less environmentally damaging alternative to flying from the stunning St Pancras station with connections that bring Eurostar services to travellers across the UK

Remember, these times are from city centre to city centre – not to airports outside of the city centre. Visit for more information. Through tickets to Eurostar destinations are available from many UK stations.


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