Jun 25 2017

One Way Travel Insurance at Globelink #travel #net

#one way travel insurance

Are you on a one way trip abroad? Stay safe on your one way journey with Globelink!

What is One Way travel insurance?

One Way Travel Insurance is a policy that covers travellers up to 84 years of age for just an outward journey that you make from the UK or the EU to Australia, New Zealand or South Africa.

One Way Travel Insurance can be used by the UK residents emigrating to live their life in another part of the world, stopping along the way to their destination. Alternatively, you may be returning to the country of your origin having spent years living in the UK or the EU.

Standard One Way Travel Insurance policies include cover for Repatriation to a home country where medically necessary. Passport holders of Australia, New Zealand or South Africa are given the option to extend the cover to include Repatriation to their Home country. However, if the duration of that journey exceeds 31 days, you must accept the additional cover for Repatriation.

Our entire range of policies is available to the UK and the EU residents, Australian, New Zealand and South African passport holders living in the UK, so you can still benefit from the same high levels of cover, as well as additional extensions.

Aussies, Kiwis Saffa Cover is for round trip journeys from UK and also for one way trips of up to 15 months duration and must be extended to include Repatriation to your Home Country where medically necessary.

One Way travel insurance key benefits

We have no minimum residency period but you should get yourself registered with a GP in the UK.

Durations of up to 15 months are available;

Repatriation to your Home Country (when medically necessary);

Most hazardous activities are covered as standard and higher risk activities can often be included for an extra charge;

Large number of Pre-Existing Medical conditions that are covered for free, so you do not need to pay extra for Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and many other conditions, so long as you have had no related complications. Your medical condition will be covered if it is in the list of Non Screen Medical Conditions ;

No hidden costs, low excess levels and 24-hour emergency assistance;

We offer different types of extensions to be added to your policy, such as a cover for Laptops, Camera Equipment etc.

Our Medical emergency assistance service is available 24 hours a day by calling +44 (0)207 748 6477.

Get a Quote and arrange cover securely online. Your policy will be delivered instantly to your email address.

One way travel insurance from Globelink International is a unique option for all UK and EU residents aged up to 84 years old to emigrate ouside their native country. What is important is that in standard this travel insurance option includes cover for Repatriation to a home country where medically necessary. Travel insurance one way is also available for passport holders of Australia, New Zealand or South Africa.

Globelink travel insurance one way is a great opportunity to travel whenever you want with comfort and at low cost. Save your time for booking and preparations. Travel safely with Globelink International! Share your travel experience, photos and travel stories!

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