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#one way travel insurance

One Way Travel Insurance from DUInsure. If you’re looking to either emigrate abroad or are heading on your travels without knowing your exact return date, DUInsure is the perfect choice for you. Our insurance provides cover for medical emergencies, legal issues, personal injury, your personal belongings and much more.

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Type of Trip

The annual multi trip travel insurance policy is for anyone wanting to take multiple trips of no longer then 31, 45 or 60 days maximum duration over a 12 month period. We offer 21 days Winter Sports cover as well, at no extra cost for the skiers amongst you.

The emigration policy is for people emigrating to another country I.E. Australia or New Zealand. Cover is available on their travels to their final country of destination / Emigration (for a period of 5 days to 6 months), and then cover INSIDE their new country of Emigration for a period of One, Two or Three Months.


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