Jun 25 2017

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One Way Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is not just for holidays or business trips abroad. Some of the more inventive and, dare we say it, better companies offer a range of policies for all travelling scenarios, including domestic insurance, frequent traveller, and one way travel insurance.

But why travel one way you might ask? A one-way policy is perfect for those heading abroad who intend to return to New Zealand, but don’t have firm return dates or flights planned. Downunder Insurance offers two one way travel insurance policies; our Plan F policy covers non-residents heading off on a one way trip to their home country while the Plan G policy covers residents currently overseas but heading back home.

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What Does One Way Travel Insurance Cover?

Travellers often question why they need travel insurance when their ultimate destination is often back to their homeland. Once home, they will then be able to access medical treatment and health care without it costing a cent, so they shouldn t really need to be insured for this trip. Or should they?

Many travellers forget the huge range of cover that a travel insurance policy offers. While medical insurance and repatriation is top of the list of priorities when travelling in strange countries, don t forget that companies like Downunder, who specialise in travel insurance, are well aware that travel plans don t always run smoothly, and being experienced travellers themselves have created a policy to cover all niggles and mishaps that can mar your journey.

Cover for Belongings, Valuables and Documentation

Cover for cancellation fees and lost deposits starts as soon as the policy is issued while cover for all other policy sections will begin on the day of departure. Cover ends once the journey is completed.

As well as covering cancellation fees and lost deposits, non-resident insurance provides essential cover for loss or theft of luggage and personal effects. It also covers delays of these items and loss or theft of travel documents, traveller s cheques and credit cards and any expenses incurred due to travel plans being delayed, including alternative travel expenses. In the case of an incident relating to a third party, where accidental damage occurs, personal liability cover is a must.

New Zealand In-Bound Travel

Cover for this sort of journey can be purchased overseas and Downunder have offices in several countries as well as easy access online. Policies include the same cover as non-resident travel insurance except for the period within a waiting date of seven days from the start date, during which time cover is not available for some aspects of the policy including medical expenses, cancellation fees, and lost deposits. Cover ends when the journey has been completed or on the end date on the insurance certificate, whichever happens first.

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