May 24 2019

Property management houston #Houston #Property #Management, #Property #Frameworks

Property management houston #Houston #Property #Management, #Property #Frameworks, REMMONT.COM

Trust your Houston property management to Property Frameworks. Our experienced Houston property managers will care for your home like it is their own!

Property management houston

Houston Property Management

Let us alleviate the stress of managing your Houston rental property

Property Frameworks is one of the country’s leading property management companies. Our philosophy of treating each client like a property investor means we can help you allocate your time and money in a way that achieves your investment goals, while taking care of your most valuable assets, your tenant and your property. Whether you need specialized services in the areas of marketing, leasing, tenant screening or property care, we have the experience to deliver practical results.

As a full service Houston property management company, our team is responsible for taking care of all aspects of managing your rental(s).

Are you maximizing your rental investment?

  • Get Optimized Rental Value for Your Property
  • Gain Crucial Insight into Current Market Conditions
  • Determine Your Cash Flow from Monthly Rental Value


As your Houston Property Manager


Did you know that most prospective tenants start their property searches online? While they may be looking for a place around the block, it may also be across the country! Property Frameworks gives prospective tenants just what they’re looking for. Here’s how we bring our listings to life and stand out above the rest:

Property Frameworks knows how to get your property noticed! Our local leasing experts evaluate your property and provide a comparative market analysis to ensure you’re getting the most out of your asset. We develop a comprehensive marketing campaign, including 3D virtual tours, HDR photos and floor plans, which we feature on leading sites such as Trulia ® , Zillow ® , ® , Coldwell Banker ® and ® . With Property Frameworks your investment is always online and viewable by prospective tenants and realtors.

Let’s face it, evictions are the least enjoyable part of owning an investment property. At Property Frameworks we take the hassle out of lease enforcement. From start to finish, our management program includes property demand letters, paperwork, court costs and appearances. We are proud that our property management company includes non-payment of rent eviction assistance program as part of your monthly management fee. If we place a tenant in your property who fails to pay rent, our eviction assistance program will cover the court costs. Just another way Property Frameworks protects your revenue stream.

Having an extensive reach into the digital rental market and all the ways tenants target properties online is key to filling vacancies. Property Frameworks markets and features properties on all the major rental sites such as ® , ® , ® , Zillow ® , Trulia ® and many others.

Time is money and everyone is looking to make the most of both. With 3D virtual tours, it’s an always open house. Our interactive technology allows renters to picture themselves in their new home and explore the neighborhoods and surroundings at their convenience. Online applications also make it simple for potential renters to start the process from any place and anytime, from their mobile devices, laptops or desktops, giving prospective tenants an opportunity to get a jump start on the best properties.

It doesn’t matter whether a prospective tenant is at work, at home or thousands of miles away, with Property Frameworks interactive technology, anyone can find their dream property, any time. HD photos, Virtual Reality tours and detailed floor plans bridge the gap between your prospective tenant viewing a possible home to viewing their future home.


At Property Frameworks, our goal is to minimize vacancy time and maximize rental income, all while securing an optimal tenant. We leverage our powerful relationships with our affiliated real estate companies to market your property and attract the best tenant. It’s a practice we’ve mastered through years of our property management experience. Here’s how we attract the best tenants for your property:

No one knows the communities and properties better than our local leasing experts. We leverage our powerful relationships and affiliations across the country to market and list your property on the local MLS and attract the best tenants possible. Since they live and work in the community, our knowledgeable leasing experts will personally show prospective tenants your property and guide those who are interested in completing a convenient online application.

It’s important you feel confident about the tenants who occupy your property. Do they have a solid background, positive credit history, consistent income and verifiable references? You take your investment serious and so do we. Our applicant screening process is designed to help you identify the best prospective tenants. A reliable tenant gives you the peace of mind that your investment will provide solid returns.


At Property Frameworks, we know how important it is to receive your rental income on time. Which is why we’ve developed a specific process to help protect your revenue stream and take immediate action when a payment issue arises. As a serious investor, you need reliability when it comes to your rental income. Here’s how our expertise serves your goals and protects your hard earned money:

We offer your tenants several convenient ways to pay their rent. Tenants can pay with cash at over 24,000 retail locations, including Walmart. The process is simple for the tenants and reliable for you. Tenants can also pay with eCheck/ ACH right from their smartphone or desktop computer. Whether your tenants prefer to pay online or make cash payments, we have the solution. We take excuses out of not paying the rent.

Getting access to your rental income quickly is important. With our Fast Pay program, enjoy the benefits of having your lease commission spread out over a 12-month period. By avoiding a full commission payment in your first month of a new lease, you have a steady cash flow starting on day one. We process payments daily to your bank account as soon as we receive confirmed tenant funding. No delays. No waiting.


At Property Frameworks, we take as much pride in your property as you do. It’s not just an investment but a place that people call home and create lasting memories. As with any property, maintenance is a given, which is why we work closely with you to handle tenant requests and make sound maintenance decisions. Our professional property management services include:

Whether it is a move-in, mid-lease or move-out inspection, our property managers will advise you about all issues and provide guidance on the best way to move forward. Our property managers stay up to date with local ordinances, ensuring that your property complies with all requirements, keeping your tenant satisfied and your property protected.

Being readily available is everything when your investment property requires repairs. Our tenant repair hotline is available 24/7. We’re always here for your tenant and property. We immediately evaluate the repair request to identify if it is an emergency or next day repair issue, saving you time and money while protecting your assets around the clock.

Our vast network of licensed contractors are always ready to repair and maintain your property. From a minor lock change or a major sewer line repair, we have you covered. We are proud to pass on our volume discount with many of our vendors directly to you, resulting in repair savings. We have many partnerships with national vendors which provide you with deep discounts on appliances, flooring and much more, all designed to support your bottom line. All completed and subsequent vendor invoices are submitted for thorough review by your property manager for quality and accuracy.


Let’s face it, evicting tenants is never pleasant. It’s emotionally charged, time consuming and kills cash flow. If not abiding by state and local tenant laws, an eviction may end up costing you much more than just the past-due rent! Property Frameworks has the industry knowledge and expertise to make the eviction process as painless as possible, here’s how:

Property Frameworks is proud to include our eviction assistance program for non-payment of rent as part of your monthly management fee. We manage the eviction process from start to finish, including property move-out inspections, court appearances, costs and demand letters. If your tenant does not pay rent during any part of their lease, we cover the initial court eviction costs.

Eviction Assistance provides the peace of mind you need but hope you never use. At Property Frameworks we take all the steps up front to ensure your property is filled with best possible tenant. We create beautiful property listings with 3D tours and HD images. Our goal is to attract serious tenants who want to treat your property as their own home. We thoroughly screen potential tenants to help mitigate the need for Eviction Assistance. Our rigorous tenant placement process is your advantage to protecting your investment.


The longer you wait, the more time and money you waste tracking down late payments. If you need eviction help, talk to Property Frameworks today to get the process started. Evictions are an unfortunate part of investment property ownership. We’re here to take the fear and uncertainty out of the entire process. Our goal is to make evictions as painless and smooth as possible. Start benefiting today, take back your peace of mind.

Why Houston?

Property Frameworks Serves Serious Rental Investors

The Houston real estate market is one of the top performing markets nationwide. The city continues to attract people to relocate and invest in it for the affordability of its housing market and living, overall.

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