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Puerto Rico Travel

Puerto Rico is a popular Caribbean destination. (Photo: Sunset, Patillos, Puerto Rico image by Pablo M from Fotolia.com )

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The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is located in the geographic center of the Greater and Lesser Antilles Islands in the Caribbean Sea. A self-governing territory of the United States, Puerto Rico is a Caribbean getaway destination known for sparkling beaches, lush rain forests, mountains, shopping and nightlife, and because Americans can travel there without a passport.


Geography plays an important part when it comes to deciding the type of clothing to pack for a trip to Puerto Rico. Just because Puerto Rico is a Caribbean Island doesn t mean lightweight summer apparel is all that is appropriate. Temperatures in the inland Cordillera mountains average between 71 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit, while temperatures in the coastal plains region can reach near 90. The mountains get more rainfall than outlying areas, but rain can and does fall all over the island at any time of year. According to The Puerto Rico Channel, travelers should bring some waterproof gear such as a raincoat or umbrella.


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