May 13 2018

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Seeing the world by rail is a unique and unforgettable way to experience the planet’s most incredible scenery, cultures and people. Whether you are a seasoned globetrotter or travel is a rare treat, make your next trip one to remember with Railway Adventures.

We offer a range of packages to suit rail travellers and rail aficionados, art, culture and history enthusiasts, curious adventurers and anything in between; step on board one of our train travel tours to experience the rail holiday of a lifetime.


We run a variety of train tours across Australia, Europe and Asia that showcase the most awe-inspiring rail routes in the world. Experience the exotic intrigue of southern India, the panoramic views of the Swiss Alps, the lush culture of Java and countless other journeys on board for one of our iconic train tours.

There are plenty of options to choose from and we are always looking to discover new routes, so have a browse through our selection of tours and you are sure to find something that matches your taste and budget. We only travel in small groups to ensure you get a more intimate experience and the full attention of our dedicated team.


Our team is driven by passion and backed by decades of travel knowledge, so come with us and see why our train tours offer so much more than standard vacations.

If you’ve been wanting to travel Australia by train, we have a number of unique itineraries available, including a tour of Tasmania and an outback adventure through Queensland’s quintessential outback. For those who would prefer an authentic overseas experience, we offer numerous packages for rail holidays in Europe and Asia on high speed trains, slow trains, custom charters, private trains and luxury sleepers.


To find out more about our European, Asian and Australian rail holidays and to enquire about bookings, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 1300 733 323 or through our online contact form.


Australia travel packages Scott McGregor is a recognised television personality, actor, producer and author with more than 30 years’ experience. He is currently the face and force behind his boutique Australian tour company Railway Adventures, specialising in train tours to destinations all over the world. With a life-long passion for travel and a hardworking team at his side, Scott will take you to locations that are beyond belief; places that you will remember for the rest of your life.


“I appreciate our tour guides knowledge and experience and the input of my fellow travellers was enriching”

“Roberts patient group management and positive encouragement enabled 17 individuals to meld, have fun and supportively appreciate and learn about Queensland’s outback. Exceptional leadership! Thank you.”

“A very thoughtful itinerary with high quality activities and excellent guides. Robert was a fantastic leader, knowledgeable, extremely well organized, conscientious and calm, and very accommodating. All the guides and drivers were dedicated and keen to share their interests, it never seemed like just a job to any of them. A very good experience.”

“It’s not just about the trains, and though compelled to go for the trains, the ‘extra curricular’ activities were thoroughly enjoyable too”

“My Description of Scott- well educated, NIDA-trained larrikin! Wonderful tour, I would do it all again”

“Scott’s contacts gave us the privileged access to so many unusual aspects of rural life which we would never have been able to find by ourselves”

“Fantastic trip overall. Scott excels again!”

“To have a great time and to meet interesting people join a Scott McGregor’s Railway Adventure”

“A lovely, comfortable tour with an excellent combination of flowers, historical trains, education, great food and accommodation and great company!”

“This was our first ‘organised’ tour and the overriding memory is all the wonderful volunteers. Everyone without exception was friendly and helpful. All aboard- toot toot!”

“Scotts enthusiasm was a key feature in an extremely well organised tour”

“Go for it, you’d be hard pressed to find a better tour. The Southern Downs Steam Trip was the most excellent 2 days, and from our point of view, everything was perfect.”

“A wonderful immersion into rail culture. Scott and Mike made the trip!”

“A great tour for rail enthusiasts and non-rail enthusiasts. This tour not only provides knowledge of railroad heritage, but scenic aspects of the towns and countryside”

“A first rate tour even for rail non-fanatics. This is the first time we have been in an escorted tour – it is unlikely to be the last”

“Scott and the team organised a most remarkable tour. Such a lot of variety and unexpected extras. The Scandinavian breakfasts were to die for. We enjoyed the company and found the whole experience most enjoyable. See you in Sri Lanka.”

“A very enjoyable, informative tour. The nature of the tour was not like other experiences and exceeded our expectations. 9 out of 10.”

“Wonderful. We would never have experienced such varied aspects of our great country in just 10 days. We would (and have) recommend this trip to friends and family. A wonderful ‘Outback Queensland train adventure’– thank you”

“This was more than an adventure – exciting, fascinating, informative and very enjoyable. Excellently planned and organised. Highly recommended”

“Fantastic tour, wonderful food wine, fantastic company. RTM volunteer staff wonderful and friendly. Scott, Jeff, David etc friendly and informative. Cannot wait for the next trip.”

“As a dedicated cruise ship person, I was a bit curious, but I had a great time. The tour was well organised and I would definitely do it again. The volunteer crew are to be commended as were the tour leaders, Scott, Jeff and David.”

“We could not have wished for a more interesting, informative and highly enjoyable trip by train than with Scott McGregor.”

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