Oct 26 2016

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How Do You Make Money?

We have partnered with 4 major travel affiliate programs that will pay you when people use this website. These trusted affiliate programs are great as users do not even have to make a booking for you to get paid, you get paid just when users simply browse the website. All you have to do is bring people to the site, our website technology takes care of the rest.

The travel website for sale is setup with some of the highest paying affiliates in the industry using a combination of pay per click monetization and pay per sale.

The average you can expect to make with this website is $1 – $4 per visitor. This means with as little as 100 visitors per day you could earn $100 – $400 per day!

Let us explain:

For Hotels – Pay Per Click **earn $1-$4 per click. Also can earn multiple times from the same customer and as you know when you are browsing for a good hotel it is not uncommon to click multiple hotels to compare them. You earn everytime they click! For example, if one visitor clicks on 10 hotel suppliers, you could easily make $10 from that single user.

For Flights – Pay Per Sale & Pay Per Click ** We have two affiliates we deal with so you can make money from people booking flights. Your site can either be setup with Pay Per Sale method so your earnings are directly related to the total sale price of the flight package. Or we can also set it up to be Pay Per Click like the hotels. We can also setup both, so that you get paid per click and per sale.

For Cruise – Pay Per Sale **earn 3.5% on the total cruise package price your customers purchase through going through your site. Payments are sent directly to your affiliate account where you can withdraw with check or to bank.

For Car Rentals – Pay Per Sale & Pay Per Click. The great thing about the pay per click travel affiliate programs is that if they do book from your site, your pay per click rate goes up and you earn even more.

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