Oct 26 2017

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College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management

Areas of Study

Sport and Entertainment Management

Our program is the first of its kind. The University of South Carolina is the first major University to create a separate department for the study of sport and entertainment with a solid business curriculum.

Roaring crowds, Jumbotrons, bright lights and t-shirt cannons. For many sport and entertainment spectators, these are just a few of the details that help to create lasting memories! But for every detail that visitors see on stage or on the playing field, there are thousands of others that go unnoticed or happened before they even walked through the door.

Roles and Responsibilities

From managing sponsorship sales to coordinating VIP guest experiences to booking the next season’s entertainment, there are a broad range of roles and responsibilities that contribute to making every sport and entertainment event successful, and every venue profitable. And for a professional like you, it all comes down to creating the best overall experience for fans, clients and partners.

Internship Requirements

Two work experiences are required as part of your degree program — one that will occur during or after your sophomore year, and the second at the end of your academic career. Although you will learn and apply networking skills constantly throughout your Sport and Entertainment Management experience, the internship and practicum experiences afford you an opportunity to apply them for extended periods in challenging, real world settings.

Degree Programs

There are three SPTE degree programs available through the Department of Sport and Entertainment Management including an undergraduate degree, and both master’s and doctoral level graduate degrees.


SPTE Degree Programs

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