Jul 14 2017

The Best Time to Book Airline Flights #bing #travel

#book airline flights

The Best Time to Book Airline Flights

Enjoy the success of booking a good flight at the perfect time. (Photo: Jupiterimages/ Images )

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With the proliferation of airline booking websites, plenty of search options exist for travelers who want to book a flight. But many wonder if there is an ideal day, time or period in which they can find the best price. Although the only constant in air travel prices is the rule of constant fluctuation, there are ways to learn the rhythms of airline pricing and how to look for and book the lowest fare.

Off-Peak Booking

Travel expert Jessica Labrencis suggests booking tickets late at night or early in the morning, when servers are less busy and traffic is at a minimum. Expedia Vice President John Morrey agrees, saying that booking sites are designed to accommodate peak traffic times, but the sites will always move more quickly when there is less traffic.

Beginning-of-the-Week Sales

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