Apr 11 2019

The Team – Virtual Reception Services

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The Team - Virtual Reception Services, NEF2.COM

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The Team

We have a dedicated team of VA s at Virtual Reception Services, who all specialise in differant areas of administration

Meet Linda Principal/Owner

Linda certainly has no lack of expertise to qualify her for working in business. She began her career in the medical field, working as a Nurse and liaising with patients, doctors and other medical staff, and the public. After a number of years working in this field, she switched to administration, becoming a secretary at a university. Later as an account supervisor, she was trusted with the management of over 380 accounts and ledgers. In this position, she supervised over the work of two employees. A similar position in another company involved debt collections and credit control, during which she was instrumental in clearing over 200 accounts.

Linda’s varied work history gave her a well-rounded firsthand knowledge of the inner workings of a business. She became very familiar with the work in areas of management, administration, and financial handling.

Her education is no less advanced or expanded than her work history. She began with doing her Nursing and then taking college courses in mortgage financing, for which she received a Certificate IV in financial services. From there, she went on to study for yet another certificate in property sales and management. Additionally, she also owns a third certificate in small business management. All of these contributed to her already extensive knowledge in running a profitable business.

Linda’s work experience and advanced education were not for nothing. Through them, she was able to see the most pressing needs in many businesses today, and in this she saw one need in particular that created a vacuum. That need was for a receptionist. Seeing what this need was costing businesses, especially smaller ones, she decided to put her broad expertise to work, and she started to work setting about starting up her own business. From this, the Virtual Reception concept was born.

Linda’s experience has taught her that customer service is the heart of any business, whether you are a retail store selling products to customers, or a law office serving your clients. With customer service so important, she knew that it was the truest way to grow a business.

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