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The Top 25 Travel Agents of 2013

What makes a top travel agent? Is it something easy to measure sales volume, perhaps? Or is it something less tangible pure dedication and willingness to go above and beyond for a client? Or is it some sort of combination of the two? Looking to find answers to this query, Travel Agent invited our readers to tell us why they were the toppers in their field. Some agents are home-based and part of a larger parent company. Some are in small, independent businesses. Some are part of huge corporations. As always, everyone had wonderful stories about the challenges and triumphs of being a travel agent, making it very difficult for us to select just 25.

Berta Aizen specializes mainly in European and Latin American destinations at Frosch Travel, but does not limit herself in where she can send her clients. Aizen understands customer loyalty, and guides her clients through trips that are best suited for them. Clients take her advice and suggestions, making her closure rate above 90 percent.

In July 2012, Aizen had a family of five travel to Argentina and Brazil. One of their flights was cancelled from Cordoba to Buenos Aires due to a strike, she says. They had a prepaid/nonrefundable hotel in Buenos Aires where they were going to stay the night to depart the next morning to Iguazu Falls. Aizen was able to get the family aboard a flight from Cordoba to Iguazu on a different airline, and even got a refund after communicating with the hotel and airline.

Planning a trip for a family of 35 people traveling by charter to France and Barcelona presented its share of challenges. For starters, Aizen made sure to hire two guides, one for the adults and another for the children. The family stayed at five-star hotels and a 16-room villa in Provence. Private tours were offered along with a private coach, cooking class and yacht on the Seine River. Wine tasting was available for the adults, while the children went on a scavenger hunt.

Berta wrote the book on how to create successful relationships with both her guests and suppliers, says Marc T lio, president, Entr e Destinations. She understands loyalty and is a true proponent for building successful partnerships, so her sales speak volumes.


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