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Travel Cuba

Discover the history and culture of Cuba through Travel Cuba Pictures. Travel Cuba gives information about Geography, Weather and History and discover also the different picture galleries.

Cuba is a small country with a tropical and warm climate. Cuba has the best beaches of the Caribbean. Cuba has a fascinating history and a unique culture in Latin America.

Cuba is the largest Caribbean Island and a pearl in the Antilles. Learn about the Cuban architecture in Havana and the different Cuban towns.

Cuba is a big tourist attraction and receives a large number of visitors from all over the world. Discover through Travel Cuba Pictures this fabulous country. Discover the salsa or rumba, Che Guevara, the white sandy beaches and the sugar cane fields all around Cuba.

One of the customs of the Cuban is to enjoy a cup of traditional coffee which for them is as important as the tea time for the British.

Cuba is also known as the Land of Cigars. Cuba is one of the places which offers the best and highest quality cigars in the world.

One thing very fascinating in the streets of Cuba are the classical American cars from the 1950s still driving around. Discover these Cuban classic cars though Travel Cuba Pictures.

Cuban People are very friendly and enjoy to be taken in photo. Have a virtual visit through the picture galleries of Travel Cuba Pictures and visit Havana, Holguin, Trinidad, Bahia de Cochinos, Las Terrazas, Playa Ancon, San Diego de Los Banos, Valle de Los Ingenios, Holguin, Vinales-Pinar and Peninsula de Guanahacabibes.

To visit Cuba is a unique experience! Just enjoy it!


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