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Travel Insurance Reviews

This is an index of our editorial reviews of the most popular travel insurance companies. Each review includes an overview of the pros and cons of each company, what plans they offer, and and special features of their plans.


Popular Plans

Basic – Coverage for the basic travel protections and not a lot of extras

Classic – Comprehensive travel insurance protection with primary medical

Classic with Trip + – High-end coverage with high limits and lots of extras

Travel insurance reviews

Custom Luxe – Premium plan with additional coverage and higher limits

Group Go – Good basic travel protection for groups of 10 or more

Travel insurance reviews

TripProtector – Most popular plan with excellent all-around traveler protection with high medical

TripProtector Preferred – A plan for those up to age 85 with high medical limits

Travel insurance reviews

Bridge – Full travel insurance protection with the optional ‘cancel for any reason’ benefit

Complete – A premium plan with the higher levels of coverage expected for luxury trips

Travel insurance reviews

RoundTrip Choice – This option provides extended coverage and benefits

Travel insurance reviews

Gold – Most popular plan , several optional coverages

Platinum – Premium plan with high limits and excellent coverage

Travel insurance reviews

Worldwide Trip Protector – A flagship package plan with comprehensive coverage

Worldwide Trip Protector Gold – Most popular plan with high limits and great coverage

Travel insurance reviews

Vacation Classic – Most popular plan with maximum flexibility of benefits and coverage amounts

Protect-a-Group – Comprehensive travel protection for groups of 10 or more

Travel insurance reviews

Travel Select – Mid-range plan with more comprehensive coverage and upgrade options

Travel Max – Premium plan with much high limits and coverage

Get travel insurance quotes from all companies at the same time using a comparison tool. You can check coverages side-by-side, compare prices, and purchase online using a credit card.

Popular Companies

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