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Travel Insurance Direct

Purchasing your travel insurance direct from the travel insurer will save you up to 66% on a policy purchased from a travel agent even if the agent is offering a special promotion.

It s easy to confirm this. Simply get a quote from the travel agent before purchase then get a travel insurance quote direct from 1 Cover NZ. Compare the two and you ll quickly see what we mean by savings when buying travel insurance direct!

The best travel insurance by that we mean cheap, comprehensive and totally reliable can always be purchased via the insurer direct as there are no associated middle-man costs or commissions.

And 1Cover s costs are even cheaper than most as we operate as an online only company without the expensive overheads that add to the cost of your travel insurance package with the reliability of our extensive knowledge, experience and great customer service.

Whether you re travelling around New Zealand or heading overseas for your holiday, review some of the benefits unique to these areas:

Comprehensive Overseas Travel Insurance

  • Unlimited cancellation fees, emergency evacuation, medical, hospital and dental, also repatriation, permanent disability, death and loss of income
  • Lost or stolen luggage, credit cards and cheques to travel delay and journey disruption, rental vehicle excess and domestic pets and more.

Domestic Travel Insurance

  • Unlimited cancellation fees and deposits, and up to $5 million Personal Liability
  • Additional expenses yours and other people s to accidental death, trip disruption, personal effects and luggage to rental vehicle excess
  • All travel related cover plus broad range of unlimited cancellation and emergency rescue plus unlimited overseas emergency cover
  • Avalanche, bad weather and piste closure plus cover for snow skiing equipment hire and ski pack and helicopter rescue for the worst case scenario

Backpacker Travel Insurance

  • Budget cover that still protects with unlimited emergency evacuation, medical, hospital and dental plus up to $5 million Personal Liability
  • Lost and stolen luggage and personal effects, travel documents, credit cards and cheques.
  • All essential travel and emergency cover including up to $10 million Personal Liability and up to $1 million Extra Territorial Worker s Compensation
  • Extras such as bank or currency notes or negotiable instruments, political risk and disaster evacuation, business documents and substitute employee.

This is just a brief summary of each level. and has not even covered medical only, family and group travel benefits and more. Certainly, purchasing travel insurance direct from 1 Cover NZ is the most economical and secure way to protect yourself and your financial security.

1Cover NZ management and staff wish you a safe and happy journey.


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