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Travel Italy with 4tourist net

Italy travel

We offer reservation facilities specialized in farmhouse reservation tuscany. For your italy self catering accommodation choose the one that best fits your needs and start to travel Italy with us.

Italy travel

A network for who wants to travel Italy

Italy travel


Italy travel

TUSCANY ACCOMMODATION: Accommodation in Tuscany .com

Italy travel

TUSCANY INFORMATION: Tuscany travel & 4 tuscany .net

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4tourist .net service for travellers to Italy, The service works for those who want to travel italy since 1996 and has the aim to connect people travelling to Italy or planning vacation to Italy in self catering accommodation and vacation rentals. offers the website,, which holds a directory of privately owned properties, beyond traditional tourist circuits like hotels and residences.

These properties allow us to offer our guests the very special experience of spending their vacation in locations where local people live, with the same rhythms of local life.

These holidays give travellers the opportunity to experience and appreciate the unique architecture, traditions and lifestyles in the individual destinations. carefully selects the properties, within a set qualitative range within which travellers can gain maximum satisfaction without any of the possible disadvantages or discomforts due to the particular nature of the locations. All the properties published on the web sites are equipped with reservation facilities and are contactable exclusively by email.

Alle the network of Agriturismo .net and Lodging .it can be navigated by browsing through the pages that focus on specific regions, or by using the search engine to find the type of property with the desired services and facilities.

To choose a vacation in one of the properties on the portals it is necessary to make an availability request for the desired dates, using the form on the website.

Each property, named evocatively, is presented with photographs and descriptive contents, terms and conditions of the reservation, prices by season.

How to ask availability

If the Client wishes to request availability to travel italy in more than one property for the same time period, a Multiple Availability Request can be made by selecting the check box on the request form. This allows 4tourist net to send the same request to similar properties as the first selected thereby reducing the effort of the Client and maximizing the number of properties to choose from to travel Italy.

In the case that the Client is not able to find an appropriate property, or does not have time to search in depth, a General Availability Request Form may be submitted to agriturismo .net and lodging .it specifying the location and desired facilities of the property, and a selection of properties with availability for the specified time period will be provided. will identify a property with the required features and provide all the information necessary for the customer to contact the property.

The Availability Request is an obligation free request, that does not entail any commitment on the part of the Client making the request to the property or to

Replies to the Availability Request will be sent, within 24 hours of the request by email, except in exceptional circumstances.

A Multiple Availability Request, like a General Availability Request, will result in more than one reply being sent to the Client, one from each of the properties whom the Availability Request was sent.

The exchange of information and contact between the property and the Client takes place exclusively by email therefore it is vitally important that the correct email address is supplied by the Client.

How to Make a Reservation

To make the reservation the Client must use the Reservation form found on the web pages of the property trough the link Reservation Request.

Clicking on the link will open a new window that contains a box where the client has to fill in with the request code of the Availability Request was made. Click ‘Proceed with Reservation’ button and wait until the system retrieves the information of the original request. At this point the Client can check the details and make any necessary modifications to the data. One the data is checked and corrections made, the Client may print the Booking Form and fax it to +39 050 3869005.

Please remember to fax the credit card details with which you wish to guarantee the reservation, or confirmation from the bank from which you made a bank transfer for part or full payment of the reservation (in the case that the property requires payment by bank transfer) with the Booking Form. The reservation will be accepted only after the receipt of the fax by

Within 4 working hours the staff at will confirm via email the receipt of the reservation request and with all the contact details of the guest that it has been sent to the property for the issuance of the voucher.

The reservation must be made within 48 hours from the confirmation of availability by the property to the client.

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