Dec 8 2016

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Guidelines for Student Travel Vouchers Supporting Travel Related to Credit-Bearing Academic Experiences Outside the United States


As part of an institution-wide effort to provide emphasis on preparing students for the rigors of a globally competitive and interconnected marketplace, Arkansas State University (ASU) is actively encouraging its students to engage in educational activities outside the United States (US). With this goal, ASU is providing funds that are available to students in the form of travel vouchers to help defray transportation costs related to study outside of the US, subject to eligibility requirements and conditions described below.

Eligibility requirements

Travel vouchers for travel supporting study outside of the US are available to all currently enrolled full-time undergraduate and graduate students in good academic standing (as determined by ASU) who have completed at least one semester of academic study at ASU and have not received a previous travel voucher for this purpose from the University. International students enrolled at ASU may not apply for a travel voucher to their home country. Educational activities for which travel vouchers for international travel may be offered must be associated with the award of academic credit by the University or another accredited institution of higher education (either within or outside of the United States). Proof of acceptance or enrollment in an academic program meeting this requirement must be provided before the travel voucher award is made. Special consideration will be given to students participating in academic experiences of four weeks or more, as well as shorter programs involving significant projects in field study and/or research.


All students who wish to compete for travel vouchers supporting travel related to study outside of the US must complete and submit an application for this purpose to the Study Abroad Office. Supporting documents, up to a maximum of 10 pages, may be attached to the application. An original application, a digital copy, and any supporting documentation of the application with its supporting documentation must be submitted to Study Abroad. Deadlines for application submission are November 30 (for the spring semester), March 15 (for the summer term), and July 15 (for the fall semester). It is expected that award decisions will be made within 30 days of these deadlines. NOTE: You must take part in the ASU follow on project to receive the travel voucher.

Travel Voucher Support Provided

In order to maximize funds available to support this program, travel vouchers are limited to providing funds to acquire coach/economy class roundtrip airplane tickets up to $500, whichever is less. For semester- and year-long exchanges, travel arrangements must be made through the Arkansas State University Procurement Office. Should the trip be cancelled for any reason whatsoever (except for cancellations on the part of the University or if the US Government prohibits or discourages travel to that country), the student recipient is responsible for refunding the full amount of the travel voucher to the University. Travel vouchers will not be awarded to support travel to countries under US Department of State travel advisories or bans. To receive the travel voucher award, students must sign a Travel Voucher Agreement with the University through the Office of International Programs.


The International Programs Offerings Committee will recommend to the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, via the Director of International Programs, a rank ordered slate of students for consideration of travel voucher award and proposed award amounts. After appropriate consultation, the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost will notify the Committee and the Office of International Programs as to the students selected to receive the awards and the amount made available for this purpose. Unless compelling circumstances dictate otherwise, a reasonable proportion of funds available for travel vouchers under this program will be reserved for applications received at the three above application deadlines.


Students receiving a travel voucher under this program must prepare and submit a synopsis of the international learning experience that was made possible, in part, by the travel voucher supporting travel related to studying outside of the US to the Director of Office of International Programs (within 45 days of their return to the United States) along with any recommendations that they may have related to the travel voucher program. Additionally, they must commit to giving a presentation on the ASU campus to students as to the international educational experience that they had, to be arranged at a mutually convenient time between the travel voucher recipient and the Director of OIP.

Statement Of Nondiscrimination

It is the policy of the Arkansas State University to afford equal opportunities in education and in employment to qualified persons regardless of age, color, creed, disability, national religion, or sex, in accordance with all laws, including title IX of Education Amendments of 1972, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1973, Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990, Civil rights Act of 1991, and Executive Order 11246. The coordinators for nondiscrimination policies are for students.

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