Jul 8 2018

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Travel websites

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Travel websites

“This name, in combination with the .travel domain, which specializes in travel related websites, gives JustGo.Travel that professional finishing touch. A perfect match”

– Lincy Kuijpers, Owner/Travel Blogger –

Travel websites

“What really convinced us was the fact that a .travel domain name is only available to real tourism and travel companies; so it’s exclusive to our industry. This should also lead to Google and other search engines looking more favorably on our website with the result of higher rankings”

– Néill Sperath, Director of TIME Unlimited –

Travel websites

“Before we had a company that just did promotion. When the founder saw .travel he made up the name Festival.Travel. Because we’re a cool brand an offer the best festivals in Europe”

– Tomas Loeffen, Managing Partner at Festival.Travel –

Travel websites

“The partners of Faro Travel have always been linked to the field of tourism, in which circle the .travel domain is pretty well known. When we decided to use “Faro” for our project – in mid-2014 – we did not hesitate to opt for this type of domain, because it was the best way for people to understand just by hearing the URL, that our venture was about travel”

– Valeria Villalobos, Content manager and community manager at Faro. travel –

Travel websites

“We believe that adopting the domain is an excellent starting point and we encourage the various touristic players to use it, because we have the certainty from our Agency, that today it is a sign of quality and trust for all Internet users looking for a business, institution or destination at the time of making their trip or Corporate Event to own a .travel”

– José M. Navarro Medina, Founder/Partner at DoorToDoor. travel –

Travel websites

“The intrinsic value of the .travel first level domain gives us a strong recognition in the market for our new users and against our competitors”

– Matteo Bianda, Co-Founder CFO at –

Travel websites

“We have improved our position in search engines and we have also received more requests for trade agreements. It was a wise decision, the change, which makes it easier for us to reach an international market”

– Esteban Almeida, Manager at –

Travel websites

“We are very proud of the fact that we are one of the family members of domain .travel and that we will thereby improve our business in the global tourism network. It is a business investment in which we will make clear to future business partners that we think of the finest details”

– Gordana Popovic, Manager at –

Travel websites

“ETOA, the European Tourism Association, is a leading trade association of over 850 travel industry members. We have worked with .travel since its inception, and are proud to help our members choose the right .travel domain name for them. We ourselves have several .travel sites for our flagship events. Using these sites helps showcase our industry, and we plan to have more in the future”

– ETOA, The European Tour Operator Association event –

Travel websites

“We started working with .travel in 2013, since then the statistics have shown us a steady growth in visits, which shows that changing the domain was a good decision”

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