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Traveling to Thailand with Pets

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8th November, 2013

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Hi Everyone,

We moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand about 8 months ago. We had an awfully hard time getting straight answers about shipping our cat to Thailand. We decided to write an in depth post that should prove helpful for anyone that wants a one stop place to prepare themselves and their pet for airline travel.

Make sure you try to lock down a solid travel date 2 months in advance to allow you time to take care of all of the required tasks.

We link to official forms, include important contact info, required exams, vaccinations, and preferred airlines, as well as pet friendly hotels. Hopefully this helps prospective expats out there. If you have any questions at all post here or comment on the post and we will be more than happy to help. We have been there before and know what you are going through! Best of luck


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