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Where To Get The Cheapest Airline Tickets To Japan

06/04/2013 Adam

There is a good chance that almost everyone that views this site wants to visit Japan at least once in their lifetime, if not many times more and possibly live there. What s the biggest thing stopping you from getting to Japan? Money. This rings especially true to the younger readers out there, where a budget may be nonexistent.

Cheap ticket prices aren t what they used to be (I remember round trip tickets from the U.S. for around $600-700 in 2005). I would love to be able to give away free trips to Japan to every single person who enters this site (who knows, maybe one day there will be a contest with this as a first prize).  But I figure the next best thing I can do is help you find the cheapest way to get to Japan.

So when you re heading to Japan from your home country, what website do you use to get the cheapest airfare?

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This list is not all inclusive as I m sure there are dozens of more airline websites, but these seem to be the major ones people use to try to get the best rates. It would be an incredible reference to everyone reading if in the comments section you could briefly include the:

1. Website you use for cheapest tickets

2. Country you fly out of

3. Cost

4. Month/Year of your flight

Any other details, strategy, or tactics you have for getting cheap tickets to Japan is highly appreciated!


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